Time to get Sultry with Tableau Vivant @ Collabor88!


Tableau Vivant has a stunning new sultry style out now at Septembers round of Collabor88 named Elle. This beautiful new style is perfect for that sweet and coy look during the day, and that inviting look in the evening. Its sleek mixed with a natural look, with the options of having a loose strand, and without the strand. Hurry out and get this must have, it will look great with all the coming fall looks…and be sure to try a demo as always before making a purchase.

Where can i get Elle?  Collabor88(Click me for a ride)


Elle is fitted mesh rigged therefore can’t be re-positioned or re-sized.
This hair is no mod.  Please remember to make a copy of the hairstyle before deleting scripts.

Elle by Tableau Vivant
Each pack contains:

– 4 fitted mesh hair (front strand and no front strand versions);
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options.

Fat Pack contains 11 huds.

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Sexy Selections by Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade!


The Arcade is back for another round of great offerings including three great releases from Tableau Vivant for the event.  The two show above, Rosella on the left are the gachas common pulls and Rosy on the right is the rare. Rosella is a playful and cute upper pony style with long bangs what frame the face really nicely. Rosy has that fresh day look as well as sexy siren in the evening.  Both hairstyles are rigged so they cannot be moved or resized, so please try the demos before playing the gacha machine.  Also for this round of the arcade there is a player reward style as well, Its a special version of Rosy Pictured below. It is compatible with the Lelutka and Catwa hair base lines currently offered in the main store, please note a hair base is not included.


Where can you get this? At the current round of the Arcade.  Need a Ride?  Click for slurl – The Arcade, The Arcade 2, The Arcade 3

Time for the Details:

Hair and HUDs are no mod, no copy, transfer.
Player reward hair and huds are no mod, copy, no transfer.

Gacha Pulls are:

14 commons
5 rares.

Common hair pack pull consist of:

– 1 hair;
– 1 HUD with 16 tints (8 naturals, 8 roots).

Rare pull consist of:

Pack 1: fades, Balayage, Blonds;
Pack 2: Browns, B+W;
Pack 3: Color fades, Funky, Vivids + Pastels;
pack 4: Ombré, Redheads, natural dye;
pack 5: [Frizzy chic] Naturals I, Naturals II, Colors.

– 2 sizes hair;
– 3 HUDs (pack 2 only 2 huds);

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Visit the Post Apocalypse with Tableau Vivant @ Thereafter!


Are you ready for the Apocalypse? If not Tableau Vivant can help you get there with this new release named Thereafter. Thereafter is a series of face tattoos that everyone can use as they are omega! Thereafter comes to you as make-up appliers not skin appliers. There 6 different great different choices offered.

Where can you pick these up?  Thereafter (Click me for Ride)

Thereafter by Tableau Vivant:

Each Pack Contains:

1 Omega Applier

Each look is sold separately.  This is a make-up applier.

Layers used:

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Its Fantastic with Tableau Vivant @ C88!


It is time for another great release, and this time is at Collabor88’s birthday round. This one is a lot of fun, with a the theme of plastic, Tableau went fantastic. Plasticfantastic is the combination of an up-do and a shower cap. You will have the versatility of wearing the up-do on its own or with the shower cap. Its non-rigged so you can play, and adjust it, re-size it easily to fit your intended look.

Always be sure and grab a demo before making any purchases!


Where is this?  Collabor88 {Click me for a Ride}

Plasticfantastic hair is mesh non-rigged therefore can be re-positioned and re-sized with built in re-sizer.
Permissions are no mod, copy, no transfer.

PlasticFantastic by Tableau Vivant

Each pack contains:
– 2 non rigged mesh hair [updo] and [showercap+updo];
– 1 non rigged showercap;
– 1 accessory changing color hud (with 14 variations);
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options (no roots and roots).

Fatpack contains 11 huds (Fades is offered as extra in fatpack).


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Get girly with Tableau Vivant @ Gacha garden!

Tableau vivant __ Girly hair gacha (key) 1024

Tableau Vivant has come out 3 new styles for this round of gacha garden. There are 2 Different styles in the machine with floral adornments (shown Above), and a special style as the Seed of Inspiration (Shown Below). First style that is Dolly, a cute and sassy short style in 9 different possible color packs to play for. Then there is Molly, which is the rare style which includes all 9 color hud options and the cute floral adornment on the side pony.  And the 3rd style is named Lolly, an adorable style with pony tails and floral adornments as well. Also there is a Plumeria Flower gift for those in the Gimme Gacha group, Don’t forget to join, its free to join!

Tableau vivant __ Girly hair gacha (seed of inspiration) 1024

Where can you play for these currently? Gacha Garden (Click me for Teleport)


Girly hair gacha is non-rigged and includes built in re-sizer.
Flower hair adornments are non-rigged and also have built in re-sizers.

Girly Hair By Tableau Vivant

Possible pulls are:

– 9 commons
– 1 rare.

Common hair pack pulls consists of:

Dolly hair

– 1 non rigged hair;
– 1 HUD with 16 tints (8 naturals + 8 roots).


Rare pulls consists of:

Molly hair

– 1 non rigged hair;
– 1 hair adornment;
– 9 HUD with 16 tints (72 naturals + 72 roots: 144 tints in total).

Seed of inspiration (will be unavailable after event!)

Lolly hair

– 1 non rigged hair;
– 2 hair adornments;
– 9 HUD with 16 tints (72 naturals + 72 roots: 144 tints in total).

Hair, flowers and HUDs are no mod, no copy, transfer.

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Get fashionably punk with Tableau Vivant @ Uber!

35749707510_7b376c9504_o (1)

Another playful fashion forward to Tableau Vivants add-ons line named Punky.  Punky comes in two fun looks to play with, as you will get a messy version and combed version for versatility.  Along with this fun new add-on release there is also a new hair base for Lelutka bento mesh heads, which is sold separately.  Be sure to always demo before making a purchase.


Where can you find these new releases? Uber (click me for a ride) 

Punky  Hair add-on is unisex and comes with a re-size script (hair is no mod) , fitted versions are also included.

Punky add-on By Tableau Vivant

Our add-ons line feature four huds with new textures, to match our hair base line that goes on with a new release for Lelutka bento mesh heads

Each pack contains:

– 2 non rigged mesh hair add on (combed and messy versions);
– 2 fitted mesh hair add on (combed and messy versions);
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.

HB10 Hair Base By Tableau Vivant

4 options available to purchase, as well as a fatpack option.

You MUST own a Lelutka Bento head in order to use this applier.

No system hairbase, or omega hairbase is available inside the pack so please do not purchase it if you don’t own Lelutka mesh head.


Have a Catwa head? Check out at the main store for hair base options that will also work with this new Punky release. Just remember to demo first!

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Its all about Kim, with Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9!

^9580F989DBC1009406F081D85E7D08776D1870538C44C879E9^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrA New Release at Kustom9  named Kim by Tableau Vivant. Its fun longer style, great to transition into as summer will soon end and here comes the fall! Kim is available in 10 different color packs, so the perfect color that is truly you..yes its in there!  There is also a fat pack option for those of you who just want it all. Kim will be available at K9 till August 10th, then you can find her at the Main store location.


Where to get it? Kustom9 (Click me for a ride)

Kim is fitted mesh style, it cannot be re-positioned or re-sized.

Kim by Tableau Vivant

Each pack contains:
– 2 fitted mesh hair [S] and [L];
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options (no roots and roots).

Fa tpack contains 10 huds.

Please always try a demo before making a final purchase.

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