Applications are now open.

Dear Blogger,
first of all We want to thank you for your interest in Tableau Vivant products.
We really appreciate your work and its value.

Tableau Vivant blogger group is by invitation only; our selection of bloggers is picky and We do have a core group of selected bloggers that can consider Tableau Vivant one of *their* brands.

As the New Year coming, We are doing some changes to our brand and We need to focus on a pool of bloggers that can constantly dedicate their time on promotion of our releases.

As many people ask us what is needed to be considered a blogger for our brand, We are going to list our points of view:

– we look for bloggers that follow a personal style that is close to the image of the brand and that gladly feature our products in their creative process;

– we prefer to send our review copies to bloggers able to discern an original creation from ripped and mixed skins/creations, not blogging (and supporting) this kind of fake work;

– we appreciate a fair technique of picture, so we do not consider blogs/flickr displaying “pixelated”, morphs, deformed, oversized or minimized photo.

– we ask that the blog is at least 6 months old, has at least one blog post per week, has already posted Tableau Vivant in the past and show some interest in the brand following one of our free media (website, facebook or flickr).

– once in the bloggers pool we don’t ask you to feature every release but *we do ask* to do a review of at least three creations per month (and not the same).

If you follow this profile and still interested, please consider to join and post your pictures in our Flickr group. It’s our main reference for bloggers recruitment.

Tableau Vivant will not be responsible for any content, offensive behavior, defamatory or illegal conduct of any third parties.

Thank you again for your interest,

Tableau Vivant

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