Caleb at Collabor88

We are all about the boys this round with a brand new EVO X Face

Where can I get them? Collabor88

Let us introduce you to our latest male skin for Lelutka EVO X.

This product is a BOM Face Tattoo designed for Lelutka EVO X heads only.

Caleb is shown on the Lelutka Eon Male head but will work flawlessly with other Lelutka EVO X Male heads.

Our face skins can be matched to any brands body skin range due to the nature of the EVO X built in neckfade. However you will find that they will most closely match the body range from Velour store.

Each tone pack contains:

2 x BOM only Face Tattoo (one dark brow, one no brow)
1 x Matching Ear layer for EVO X heads
4 x eyebrow layers
1 x Shape

Tableau Vivant

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