Spooky fun with Masks by Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9!

Tableau Vivant masks K9 Oct

Tableau Vivant has some fun for halloween with the newly released masks! They are omega and available at this round of kustom9.  There are also treats this round, so be sure to join the k9 group to grab all the free gifts!  The free gift from Tableau Vivant is also omega. Stop by and pick up something fun to customize your avi with this halloween season!



Where can i get it? Kustom9 (Click me for a ride)


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Get Creepy with Tableau Vivant @ The Epiphany!

Are you ready for some creepy fun? Tableau Vivant has a new release at the Epiphany that will well get you on your way to some of those fun Halloween looks! Meet The Creepy Family!  Creepy family comes with 4 different looks and a special  bi-color edition of  Eerie daughter which will be retired after this round so scoop it up! Kinky Dad, Eerie Daughter and Witchy Granma are common selections.  The Hairbase with Kinky Dad is Catwa and Omega. Vampy Mama is the Rare. Daughter, Granma and Mama are rigged mesh styles which means they cannot be re-sized or re-adjusted. Stop over at the  Epiphany and grab up some of the spooky fun!

Please try a demo before making a purchase, demo’s are always free and are on the front of point of sale.


Where can i Get it?  The Epiphany {Click me for a ride}


The Creepy Family By Tableau Vivant

Gacha  Drops are:
18 commons
1 rare.

Packs available:
B+W, Blonds, Browns, Colors, Fades, Reds.

Rare pack available:
12 huds (6 for each side to mix and match tints)
Kinky Dad hair pack drop consists of:

– 1 hair;
– 1 hairbase applier (Catwa & Omega);
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Eerie Daughter hair pack drop consists of:
– 1 hair;
– 1 style hud for babyhair on/off;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Witchy Granma hair pack drop consists of:

– 1 hair;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Vampy Mama (rare) consists of:

– 1 hair;
– 12 HUDs with 20 tint options.

We are offering a special bicolor edition for Eerie Daughter, 12 huds (6 for each side) that will be retired once event is over.


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Kematian by Tableau Vivant Slips from the Shadows @ Collabor88!

Tableau_Vivant_-Kematian c88

We are in that month of many spooky inspired delights!  Tableau Vivant has a new release for you at this months round of C88, Meet Kematian!  Kematian is rigged mesh hair style so she is not able to be re-sized or re-positioned, within the style hud she does come in small and large sizes. Kematian also has 2 style choices hat on and hat off, which is also accessible via the style hud. Tinting is available with Kematian, The tinting menu can be found on the bottom left hand corner of the style hud via the icon allowing to further customize to that perfect shade you are after!

As Always, please try a demo before making a purchase. Demo’s can be found on the front of the point of sale display and are always free!


Where can I get it?   Collabor88 (Click me for a Ride)

Kematian by Tableau Vivant

Each pack contains:
– 1 mesh hair ;
– 1 style hud [Le Coiffeur];
– 1 accessory hud for the hat;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Fatpack contains 6 huds.


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