Alma by Tableau Vivant Arrives @ Kustom9!


Tableau Vivant has a new short styles release that can be found at the current round of K9.  Alma is also part of the new v.6 texture family and comes with the new style hud as well! Alma is a non-rigged style which can be re-sized with the pop up menu. Alma also comes with the baby hair option, which is really great, there is a baby hair icon on the hud to click it on and off with ease, and tint to match. Alma is a cut and fun short style that looks great on its own or with accessories added.

Please be sure to try a demo before making a purchase. Demo’s are always free and located on the from of the vendor display.


Where can i get it? Kustom9 (click for a ride)

Alma By Tableau Vivant

Each pack contains:
– 2 mesh hair S & L
– 1 style hud Le Coiffeur
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Fatpack contains 6 huds.


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Dakota by Tableau Vivant Debutes @ C88!

Tableau Vivant-Dakota adv

Tableau Vivants new release of Dakota offers some exciting new features!  Not only does Dakota feature the new styling hud, But she is the first release with the new v.6 color family! New sets of beautifully crafted textures and colors are out to try and fall in love with.  Those baby hairs you see, they are a part of the style and are included.  Are they tintable like the hairstyle itself you ask? yes they are! So many new options and features all included in hair huds. On the hair hud itself in the lower left hand corner you will find the tint feature on all color packs, giving you more options to truly customize things to suit your individuality. Dakota comes in a small and Large size, with Styling huds.newhairhud

Styling is a breeze with the new styling hud included with Dakota. You can easily change the look with a simple click of a button. Moving and changing the style for the placements you want, adding bangs and or baby hair…It gives so many options to suit your look and how it changes!

Be sure always to get a demo and try things before making a purchase. Demo


Where can i get it?  Collabor88 (Click me for a ride)

Dakota By Tableau Vivant:

Each pack contains:
– 2 mesh hair S & L
– 1 style hud  Le Coiffeur
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Fatpack contains 6 huds.


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It is Mei by Tableau Vivant @ Neo Japan!


Tableau Vivant is back with a new release named Mei, at a new event named Neo Japan. Mei is a contemporary style that is very much a unisex look. Mei is a look that does allow for some versatility as it comes with 3 styles a front look, right look and left look. Mei is a non-rigged hairstyle so you will be able to re-size using the built in menu and also re-position to your taste. Digging that hair base… well it is included with this style.  It is an Omega applier (no system tattoo included) , which means you will need to also have the matching omega relay system for the head you own in order to use it. The hair base is tintable, and the hud has a clear button to remove the applier as well. Mei is part of  the v.5 color family, so guess what! Mei will work with all the other options of the add-ons collection hair bases located in the main store location to even further personalize your look.

Please try a demo on your favorite head before making a purchase. As the hair base is an omega applier, it will work like all the rest of your omega appliers. Should you have an issue with tinting, please refer to the instructions and or creator of the mesh head you are using.


Where can i get it?  Neo Japan (click me for ride)

Mei by Tableau Vivant:

Each pack contains:
– 3 styles mesh hair (front, right and left.)
– 1 omega HUD for hairbase;
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains 4 huds.


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