~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Seasons Story and C88 ~ January

Hello dears!

Release for the Ladies this time, sorry Gents!

To beat the chill of winter ~Tableau Vivant~ at The Seasons Story brings you Brickworks, a lovely hairstyle that is available in 3 versions.

~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair Basic ( The Season Story ) ~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair - Cowl down - ( The Season Story ) ~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair - Cowl up ( The Season Story )

Each version is sold separately and for each pack three sizes are available (S , L and Implants for mesh breasts).
The color of the cowl and the hairpin on the Cowl up and Cowl down versions can be changed via hud, just click on ‘accessory’ on the bottom part of the hud to access to the accessories option.

Come visit us and discover the magic of The Seasons Story!


~Tableau Vivant~ is at Collabor 88 with its cutest and most romantic hair to date, Ophelia.

~Tableau Vivant~ Ophelia Hair ( Collabor88 )

Raw Nostalgia is the theme for January’s round of C88 and this is what really inspired us.
Ophelia hair is created in two pieces: an updo and a removable ponytail with bows, the unrigged base can be worn as standalone and is child avatars friendly.
The ponytails are rigged ponytails and are available in three sizes for each pack: (S , L and Implants for mesh breasts). The bows can be tinted in 5 presets or using the color picker.

Come check ~Tableau Vivant~ new releases together with many other fantastic creations at Collabor88!

~Tableau Vivant~ @ Men’s Department

Hello Boys!

Here we are with our first release of the year at Men’s Department!

In June 2012 we released Damon skin in vampire and demon edition and since then we have received a lot of requests for a ‘standard’ version of this skin.
We love to make our customers happy so we decided to do a version 2, featuring the new body and a more detailed face.

11779264025_05e9b44bf5_h~TableauVivant~ ~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II skin

One of the request we generally receive is about hair layers. With this skin, that features a light stubble, we have added some hairy layers to please your requests.

Inside the skin pack you’ll find:

~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (scalp) —- skin
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (bald) —- skin
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (stubble layer) —- tattoo layer
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (hairy layer) —- tattoo layer and underwear layers
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (happy trail layer) —- tattoo layer and underwear layers
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (stubble + hairy layer) —- tattoo layer
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II (stubble + Happy Trail layer) —- tattoo layer
~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II eyebrows shape

Please note that the happy trail layers can be worn on any skin.


We have also released a hairstyle to match our skin, Damon hair is an unrigged mohawk haircut.

~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II hair

Damon hair comes in three color packs: Winter, Fall and Summer.
Each hud has twelve tints (Winter for darks, Fall for reds and Summer for blonds) and can be purchased as stand alone hair since a tintable buzzcut layer is available in each pack.
As it is unrigged, the hair can be resized; two versions are available in each pack: one resize menu driven and one with XYZ resize for a perfect fit.
Scripts can be removed via hud but please remember to do a copy of the hair since they will not turn mod.


Last but not least, another big requests we get from you guys is shapes so if you like how Damon looks like on our vendor, at Men’s Department you will also find the shape to match the skin.

~Tableau Vivant~ Damon II shape

We will try to release a shape for every skin release even if shapes are not our major business.
The shape is mod so you can adjust it as you like.

We hope to meet your wishes with this release!

Tp to the Men’s Department

Piercing: – .HoD. – KYO 3 Piece MESH Set – Aydan Darcy
Eyes: IKON Spectral Eyes – Glass (XS) – Ikon Innovia