Tableu Vivant @ Kustom 9 & Men Only Monthly

We begin this release summary with an elegant and sleek hairstyle for the guys, Hudson, available at this round of Men Only Monthly.


Hudson hairpiece is a non rigged mesh hairstyle therefore it can be repositioned and resized (click to activate the resizer).

The hairbase applier for Catwa, Signature and GA.EG comes in white so it can be tinted in any color of your preference.

Each pack contains:
– 2 non rigged mesh hair (flatter and pumped)
– 1 white hairbase applier  (Catwa, Omega applier and Signature)
– 1 hud with 16 tint options.

TP to MOM and don’t miss to try Hudson!


We’re back this month at Kustom 9 with more hair attachments and hairbases for LeLutka’s bento heads.


Ariana, Giselle and Jennifer are three versatile and diverse rigged mesh hairstyles which increase our ever-growing range of attachment for mesh heads.

Each hairstyle pack is available 4 ranges each with 6 tint options, and fatpack contains all four huds.

Also available at Kustom 9 are 4 different hairbases (for LeLutka only) to match the hairstyles and in their same color range.


Tp to Kustom 9!


Mid-January Tableau Vivant Releases

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

we’re back for some more releases in this very busy month of January!

For this round of TMD we bring you Oliver.


A wavy 50’s inspired hairstyle, Oliver is available in both make and female sizes and is resizable.
Oliver comes complete with hairbase, now compatible with  Omega system, Catwa, Signature, themeshproject and classic avatars.

Each pack contains:
– 2 non rigged mesh hair;
– 1 HUD with 15 tint options;
– 7 hair base tints: blond, dark, dark blond, brown, red, pale and white

TP to TMD!


Collabor88 this round is all about sports and we introduce a big release of 4 hair add-ons and 2 new hairbases, all compatible with LeLutka’s mesh heads.


Side pony, Low Pony, Pony Up and Wrap Up are sleek and elegant hair attachments to fit all sorts of looks.

Each hairstyle contains  a hud with 6 tint options; 4 huds are available in total for the following range of colors:
Black & Whites

Two hairbases (for LeLutka exclusively) are also available and sold separately, one with a center part and the other one is a sleek back comb.
The hairbases huds colors match the hair add-ons color huds.

Tp to Collabor88!


We have more add-ons out at this round of Kustom 9!


Bouffant Wig and Messy updo are compatible with our brand new Catwa hairbase and our LeLutka hairbases sold at Collabor88.

Each hairstyle contains  a hud with 6 tint options; 4 huds are available in total for the following range of colors:
Black & Whites

One sleek back combed hairbase compatible only with Catwa mesh heads is also available on sale separately, the hairbase huds colors match the hair add-ons color huds.


Tp to Kustom 9!

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Tableau Vivant – Kyu, Hack undercut and Wicca ringset+hands tattoo

Hello all and happy Saturday!

We have some new releases out at Kustom9 and Shiny Shabby!
Let’s go started!

Kustom9 is celebrating its anniversary and our contribution is long hair with detachable buns. Buns attaches independently so you can play with it adding them to your favorite hairstyle and make something different!


Since it’s an anniversary we are also offering a gift, four skully bows (two in black and two in white) to match your spooky outfit for Halloween.
Preview is on the pack!

Each pack contains:
– 3 rigged mesh hair [S] – [L] and [svelte guy];
– 2 non rigged buns (left and right);
– 1 HUD with 32 tint options.
– 1 optional alpha layer.

Your taxi to Kustom9

We have a new undercut at Shiny Shabby!

It’s offered in our special line ‘Frizzy Chic’ and comes with a new hairbase, specifically drawn for this hair.

Tableau Vivant - Hack-undercut

Please note, system version and #TMP one are slightly different and must be worn properly in order to achieve a perfect fit.
Each pack contains:
– 2 unrigged mesh hair (system avatar and #tmp);
– 1 HUD with 15 tint options;
– 2 system hairbases (dark and tintable) + #TMP applier with 7 Hairbases tints.

Also something for your hands!

Tableau Vivant Wicca ringset & tattoo - AD

Simple ringset with hands tattoo for ladies and gents.

Presets for male and female hands offered but rings are mod individually in order to fit different hand sizes.
Mod skills are needed!

Tattoo appliers cover #TMP (unisex), Maitreya and Slink (unisex).
System tattoo layer inside the pack as well.

Your LM to Shiny Shabby

Thank you for your support and have an awesome week end!

Tableau Vivant

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~Tableau Vivant~ New at CreationJP

Hello beautiful people!

Brand new release for the anniversary round of Creation JP

Eastern Promises is a dual style that can be work with or without a ponytail.

For a better fit we offer this hair in:

– mesh non rigged headpiece (can be repositioned and resized, either manually or via XYZ resizer);
– mesh non rigged version with ponytail (can be repositioned and resized, either manually or via XYZ resizer);
– mesh rigged version (can’t be repositioned or resized);
– mesh rigged ponytail only (can’t be repositioned or resized).

Combed hairbase is included.


Each pack contains:
– 1 unrigged mesh hair;
– 1 unrigged hairpiece;
– 1 rigged mesh hair:
– 1 rigged ponytail;
– 1 HUD with 30 tint options;
– 7 system hairbases (mod);
– 1 #TMP hairbase hud with 7 tints

We really hope you enjoy our latest release! Thank you all for your support of Tableau Vivant!

Creation JP

~Tableau Vivant~

Tableau Management Mainstore

~Tableau Vivant~ New @ Creation JP, Shiny Shabby and TFC

Hello everyone!

We have been busy busy bees at Tableau Vivant!

First up:

Shiny Shabby is back and we have a new style for you, Boho. Boho comes in two versions; regular and Frizzy Chic.


Boho is mesh rigged therefore can’t be repositioned or resized.

It’s offered in four different sizes S and L for Ladies and S and L for gents.

Ladies sizes are labeled as Bohémienne;
Gents sizes are labeled as Bohémien.
[Sorry for the bad spelling but as you know SL does not allow to use special characters when naming items]

It’s offered in our classic tints and in our new special line ‘Frizzy Chic’ (sold separated).


Each pack contains:
– 4 rigged mesh hair, S and L for ladies // S and L for Gents;
– 1 HUD with 30 tint options.

Shiny Shabby Landmark

Now on to Creation JP!

We have a new hair style and a new hairbase that are sold separately.


Shosuro hair is mesh non rigged therefore can be repositioned and resized, either manually or via XYZ resizer (click to activate menu).


Each pack contains:
– 1 unrigged mesh hair;
– 1 HUD with 30 tint options.

Fatpacks contain 12 huds (11 listed plus an exclusive one, Chemistry, not available as single pack).

~Tableau Vivant~ Shortcut_ADV

Shortcut hairbase is offered as system tattoo layer and #TheMeshProject applier.
While system layers are mod and can be tinted, the applier will give you seven tints:
Red, Dark, White, Blond, Albino, Dark blond and Brownish red.

Tints match our most recent skins eyebrows colors.

Please note, demo of the #TMP applier is in low resolution while the original texture of the applier is 1024.


Pack contains:
– 7 mod. system tattoo layers;
– 1 #TMP applier with 7 hairbases.

CreationJP Landmark


Last but not least….

The Fantasy Collective!

Tableau Vivant - Theda @ The Fantasy Collective

Theda is a burlesque inspired mesh rigged hair (it can’t be repositioned or resized!)
It’s offered in two sizes S and L


Each pack contains:
– 2 rigged mesh hair;
– 1 HUD with 30 tint options.

The Fantasy Collective Landmark


~Tableau Vivant~

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~Tableau Vivant~ New at TMD and We <3 RP


Some new releases for everyone at two events.!

The Mens Dept opened on the 5th and do we have a hair style for you! Picture – sexy, dangerous and devil may care. Also, the style is unisex and comes in two versions. In each pack you will find a gelled and a windy version. Get ready for it..

~Tableau Vivant~ JMJ􀀄


Did it blow you away? Sorry, bad pun. JMJ is a half shaved unrigged hair style.
The hairbase is included (not the beard!), dark and tintable.

Also available for sale is the shape used in the image.


We ❤ RP is back and we have a skin out for the gents!!

Rays skin is our newest skin release and he is sure to cause a swoon or two. Not to mention maybe a broken heart or five.

~Tableau Vivant~ Rays

Rays is available in four skin tones and you have the options of natural to makeup for his face.

Since it is nearly Christmas, he is marked down 50% while at We ❤ RP.

Please keep in mind that for non delivered items you can visit the Tableau Vivant Redelivery Terminal in the main store.

We really hope you enjoy these releases as much as we loved bringing them to you. You can look forward to more male geared releases in 2015!


We ❤ RP

~Tableau Vivant~ Redelivery terminal

Thank you,

~Tableau Vivant~ Management

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