~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Fantasy Collective

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

We have been invited to this round of The Fantasy Collective and it is with pleasure that we accepted to participate, so here’s what you can find among several other great releases.

This round’s theme of The Fantasy Collective is “Arabian Nights” and for this we created two long, rich voluminous hairstyles.

Sabahi is suitable for both men and women alike, while Sabra has a more feminine look and comes with a hair accessory too.

~Tableau Vivant~ Sabahi hair and Dark creatures skin

~Tableau Vivant~ Sabra hair

Three sizes are available in each pack:

– Small Medium and Implants – ladies version.

Small should fit XXS, XS and S shapes;
Medium can be worn by M and L shapes;
Implants are meant for ladies wearing mesh breast and the shape of the hair changes accordingly.

Each pack is sold with a HUD in 14 tones; fatpack contain six huds with all the tints.

– To change color on the Hair accessory simply click on the ‘Accessory’ button on the hud and click on one of the seven metals available. More info about the hud inside the hud instructions notecard.

Please note that this hair is currently available only at The Fantasy Collective event and once the event will be over, the hairstyles won’t be in store before three months.

But that’s not all, you already know Kevin; this is an exclusive Jinn (*) fantasy series done for The Fantasy Collective as second preview of the future store release.

Kevin Skin - Dark Creatures - All tones
(click on the picture for a full size version)
In each pack of Kevin skin – Dark Creatures you will find:

– 6 eyebrow options (no eyebrows, blond, reddish, light brown, brown and dark);
– Slink hands and feet appliers;
– system eyebrow shape.

(*) For those of you not into fantasy or folklore: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn

And remember,  ~Tableau Vivant~ Dark Creatures Skin will not be available anymore after the event’s closure.

This is your camel ride to the event!

~Tableau Vivant~ Dark&Red Valentine ~ Group Gift 2014

Dear Customers,

as we approach the Lover’s Day, we want to thank you for choosing ~Tableau Vivant~ for your beauty needs. We know you have many shopping choices, so we are pleased that you continue to support us. We are committed to providing you with quality products and we will do our best to listen to our Customer’s requests.

As a token of our appreciation for your continued patronage, we released two special skins: ~Tableau Vivant~ Dark & Red Valentine.

~Tableau Vivant~ Dark&Red Valentine ~ Group Gift 2014

We look forward to serving you for many more years.

Happy Valentine Day!

~Tableau Vivant~ New skin @ Collabor88

Hello boys!

~Tableau Vivant~ is back in action at with an exclusive preview of our brand new skin, Kevin, out at Collabor88


At Collabor88 you will find Kevin in skintone n. 5 only, the skin comes without facial hair as a standard and in packages 1.2.3 and 4 you will find:

– 8 eyebrows options: no eyebrows, blond, dark blond, light red, ginger, light brown, brown and dark;
– a facial hair tattoo layer, one tintable and one dark, also tintable;
– a nose shape tattoo layer in order to give you an extra choice;
– system eyebrow shaper and alpha lashes layer.

Package n. 5 comes with all of the above except for the facial hair that is not included.


Kevin shape is sold separately and is available in the five standard sizes.

We’re very much in love with Kevin and we hope you will like him too!

Come visit us at Collabor88!

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean skin & Hill hair

Dear friends,
Sean is finally ready!

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean

Sean is a little bit different from recent skin releases, but we promise you will love all the options! Ready?

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean

Let’s roll!
Sean comes in 10 tones (same used for David and Lucis) but you will find several new entries.
– 6 eyebrows tints + 1 eyebrows-less skins:
– 6 different eyebrows variations;
– 3 tattoo layers with three noses variations;
– 3 tattoo layers with three lips variations;
– 3 freckles tattoo layers:

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean-eyebrows

Also the usual 2 tintable hair bases and the happy trail tattoo and underwear layer that you already know.
This is what you get in each pack.

Also available for Sean as extra options:

Four tintable eyebrows layers,ten facial hair and Slink Appliers, compatible with David, Lucis and Sean only at the moment.

Also a shape is available for Sean.

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean shape

And finally a new unisex hairstyle; dreadlocks since the feedback called for more!

~Tableau Vivant~ Hill hair - Unisex

Dreads ponytail hairstyle with an extra optional hairline add-on.

Both gender sizes are in the pack and since unrigged you will be able to fit them on your shape, thanks to the XYZ independent stretch resizer.

~Tableau Vivant~ Hill - Dreads series

Two shapes are provided for the ladies, one for rounder heads and one for thinner and one size for the gents. Some guys might fit the female version best, depending on their head shape.

Inside the pack there are 14 hairbases to match the hair.

Stlecards are available on our flickr stream, as always.

We hope you will enjoy our new release!

~Tableau Vivant~