~Tableau Vivant~ Gloster hair @ My Attic @ The Deck & Updates

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!

We’re very honored to have been invited as guests to the March round of My Attic @ The Deck; this month’s theme is “Play, Playing, Playful, Playing Around, Playing the Field, Playing Games, Playing Up” so we thought and thought and came up with Gloster, a cute playful hairstyle.

Gloster Hair

Gloster is a mesh unisex loose high bun hairstyle, it is unrigged and can be adjusted via resizer for a perfect fit.
If you feel lazy though we have added three pre-made shapes for an easier and faster fit:

– Regular – standard sizes head, 50 average on every head digit;
– Squash – rounder and smaller heads;
– Stretch – longer and larger heads, will mostly fit male shapes.

As always our hair is sold in packs with a HUD in 14 tones; fatpack contain six huds with all the tones available.

Come visit us at My Attic @ The Deck!


At great request we have released a standalone version of the beanie that was attached to Noel hairstyle.
Noel Beanie now can be worn with any hairstyle of your choice!

Noel Hair

Also, we were aware that some customers were experiencing some issues with our Noel and Ophelia hair, so in store you will be able to get a less lag-inducing version of the styles.
Just use our redelivery terminal and you will receive the updated product!

~Tableau Vivant~ Ophelia Hair ( Collabor88 )


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Have a lovely weekend!

~Tableau Vivant~

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~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Arcade Gacha March Edition

Hey! Have you heard??

It’s Arcade Gacha craze all over again and we’re so thrilled to be part of it!!!

Upon Aida’s suggestion we have created Petit hair is a unisex hairstyle with plushies (pet-it, pun intended!) which comes in two versions and can be worn with or without the cute plush accessory.

In the gacha machine you will find 10 commons and 6 rares; the common pack include:

Petit hair in three sizes,
1 hud with 6 hair tints
1 head plushie
1 alpha layer

The rare packs include:
Petit hair in three sizes
3 hud with 6 tints (18 tints in total)
1 special color head plushie
1 alpha layer

Rares combo are:
~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair – SleepyHead 1 RARE ( Blacks – Dark Brown – Dark dye )
~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair – SleepyHead 2 RARE ( Blonds – Dark Blonds – Light Dye)
~Tableau Vivant~ Petit Hair – SleepyHead 3 RARE (Light Browns – Reds – Pastels)

~Tableau Vivant~ Petit HUD – Male fit 1 – RARE ( Blacks – Dark Brown – Dark dye )
~Tableau Vivant~ Petit HUD – Male fit 2 – RARE ( Blonds – Dark Blonds – Light Dye)
~Tableau Vivant~ Petit HUD – Male fit 3 – RARE (Light Browns – Reds – Pastels)

12798849163_b72c78c952_b (1)


Please note that the head plushies are not bond to the hair itself so you can wear them independently.

So which plushie will you get? Come and try your luck at the Arcade Gacha!