Whats your Mood? A new release featured at Kustom9.



Its time for some more fun with a new set to the add-ons line. This one is called Mood, whats is your mood? Feeling like a  kept together day with a ponytail, sleek after hours look with a nicely fashioned bun, or its it just one of those days you just don’t care its so hot its time to flip it up?  If you like to change your hair depending on your mood or destination this new release is calling your name!  There are also new matching hair bases for lelutka bento heads which are sold separately.  And Catwa user don’t worry, you can use these too! If you have  Catwa HB you can use that one with this new release and if you don’t have it yet, it can be picked up at the main store location Click me here.

Time for the Details:

Where can you get it?   Kustom9

Tableau Vivant — Mood add-ons

Each pack contains:

– 8 non rigged mesh hair add-ons;
– 1 rigged mesh hair add-on;
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.

Mood pieces are that are able to be resized with a simple click and a menu will pop up, otherwise the pieces are no mod. A Fitted Version of the pony is offered as well as a non rigged version.  You are able and encouraged to mix and match.

You can mix and match base + add-ons for a messy look or an edgy one.
Bases are offered in four versions:

HB9 for Lelutka Bento heads– comes in 4 different color pack options or as a fatpack!

Base only (with and without locks)
Messy base only (with and without locks).

We suggest to avoid messy bases for Pony-up add-on to avoid too much alpha clash.


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Get Summertime supermodel chic with Tableau Vivant @ C88!


Its that time again, pretty new things for a new round of Collabor88. Ever wonder what styles older iconic models would be rocking on the runways today? As you can guess 2 were the inspirations for this new release at C88 named Twiggy 2k and Brigitte 2k.  And yes we heard you, these releases from the add-ons line will work with Catwa and Lelutka bento heads, the hair base for Catwa bento and Omega.  These are all unisex so everyone can enjoy them.

Where can you get these?  Click me for a ride to C88 

Lelutka version of the hair base can be found in the Tableau Vivant Mainstore .

Packaging Details:

Twiggy 2k is a unisex hairpiece and come with a resize script as hair is no mod.
Brigitte 2k is fitted mesh therefor can’t be resized or repositioned.
Hair base is sold separately.

Twiggy 2k by Tableau Vivant 

Each pack contains:

– 3 non rigged mesh hair (Catwa male and female fit, Lelutka fit);
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.

Brigitte 2k by Tableau Vivant 

Each pack contains:

– 2 rigged mesh hair +2 removable side pieces (lelutka and Catwa fit);
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.


Catwa & Omega HB8 Head Applier by Tableau Vivant

– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.

Please note that you must own Catwa mesh bento heads in order to use this applier.

Omega appliers are also provided due to hight request but please, consider to demo since we haven’t tested on every single mesh head available on the grid!

No system hairbase is provided!


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Celebrate with us @ SLB14’s Shop till you Drop!

Its time to celebrate 14 years of Second life, and guess what….a nice selection of items are 25% off so be sure to visit the booth!  We have 2 new releases for this special occasion and a group gift. Lets start with Isa (shown on the Left), Nice sleek style with subtle tamed beach waves. Then there is Caprice (Shown on the right), a wild loving life at the beach hello summer kinda style! They are both available in 4 separate color packs as well as a fat pack, and yes did i mention they are 25% off.


And this lovely style, is our free gift to you, All of the featured designers at this years second life birthday celebration also have free gifts to you. You will get a fat pack with all 4 color hud within it, so yes it comes in your shade.

Where to Get it?  Click me here for a Ride to SLB14 

Details on the releases:


Tableau Vivant \\ Caprice:

Each pack contains:

– 2 rigged mesh (regular and messy);
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.

Tableau Vivant \\ Isa hair:

Each pack contains:

– 1 rigged mesh;
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.


SL14 Gift:

Each pack contains:
– 1 non-rigged mesh hair;
– 4 HUD with 6 tint options each.

Happy 14 birthday SL!

As Always, please be sure to Demo before purchasing!

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Get Caught in Summer winds with Tableau Vivant @ the Arcade!


Its Arcade time again, and we have something really fun for you!  The Summer Hairplay gacha out now at the Arcade. If you love taking pictures these hair selections are on point, editorial  and lots of fun to work with. They are fun to wear even if you aren’t taking pictures…be different…because why not?  There are 4 different styles to be played for, they are all so great be sure and collect them all! They are named after warms winds in different regions, we have Chinook, which is  warm dry westerly off the Rocky Mountains. Coromuel the name of the south wind in the gulf of California. Sundowner. the name of the strong offshore wind off the California coast. And the Rare, Alize she is the northeasterly wind across the Caribbean.  You ready for more? Along with the hair the poses are also provided, but bear in mind they are meant for upper body shots and close-ups. Time for fresh new profile pictures for summer, these would be great!


And there is also Twirl in the mix! She is the play reward, and comes as a fatpack. Don’t let this unique slip through your fingers! Once The Arcade round ends, Twirl will no longer be available and gone for good.

Be sure to demo before playing, and check out the information card included…we also apologize as the demo poses are unable to be offered in the arcade venue.

Time for the details:

Where is this all at?  This can be found at the Arcade sims.  The Arcade, Arcade 2,  and Arcade 3.

Alize and Chinook are fitted mesh therefor can’t be moved or resized.

Sundowner, Coromuel and Twirl are non rigged and come with XYZ resizer.

In the Gacha, there are 27 Commons and 3 rares, plus the 25 play reward.

Common hair pack pull contain:

– 1 hair;
– 1 HUD with 16 tints (8 naturals, 8 roots);
– 1 pose.


Rare hair 

Pack 1: Black & Whites, Funky, Vivids+Pastels;
Pack 2: Browns, Redheads, Natural dye;
Pack 3: Blonds, Fades, Ombré.

Rare pack pull contain:

– 1 hair;
– 3 HUDs (48 tints in total);
– 1 pose.

The player reward, which will be retired after the arcade round.

Twirl comes in Fat Pack (9 huds) and 1 pose.

Hair and HUDs are no mod, no copy, transfer.
Player reward hair and huds are no mod, copy, no transfer.


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Tableau Vivants May Release Re-cap!

Not had time to shop yet or forgot to pick something up?  Never fear, we’re here to help you out, with Mays new releases and where you can get them all  in one quick list.  If you would like more information on certain releases that are listed here? There are handy links to the details so all the information is all at your finger tips! Okay lets get going!


Tableau Vivant __ Teri hair

Teri Located @ Fameshed for the birthday round,  Click me for LM to Fameshed.

For all the Details on Teri,  Click Here.


Tableau Vivant-Urban Warrior

Urban Warrior Located @ Signature Event, Click me for LM to Signature Event.

For all the Details on Urban Warrior, Click Here.


Tableau Vivant __ Week End in London - Key

Weekend in London located  @ 6Republic , Click me for LM to 6Republic .

For the Details on Weekend in London, Click here.



Angy I & II Dreads Located @ The Mens Dept. , Click me for LM to TMD  .

For Details on Angy I & II, Click here.


34409700471_ea7893244e_o 34379004322_14bd558698_o

Seelie & Unseelie Located @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Click Me for LM to FGC.

For Details on Seelie and Unseelie , Click here .

34371002672_9caaf06907_o  Undercuts located @ Collabor88 , Click me for a LM to C88.

For Details on Undercuts, Click here .


Yoshi Located @ Kustom9 ,  Click me for a LM to K9 .

For Details on Yoshi , Click here .


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Dreads out @ TMD!

New dreads are available @ TheMensDept this month!

Tableau Vivant - Angy I&II

Angy I & II come with mesh non rigged base (can be repositioned and resized via XYZ resizer) and fitted mesh add-on (can’t be repositioned or resized). Both can be worn without long add-on of course!

It’s offered in dread and faux dreads lines.

Dread line pack contains:

– 2 non-rigged mesh hair base (boys and girls);
– 2 fitted mesh long add-on (boys and girls);
– applier hairbase (#Catwa, #Omega applier, #Signature, #GA.EG);
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options + color picker to customize your tint.


Faux dreads line pack contains:
– 2 non-rigged mesh hair base (boys and girls);
– 2 fitted mesh long add-on (boys and girls);
– applier hairbase (#Catwa, #Omega applier, #Signature, #GA.EG);
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options.


Pick up Yoshi Now available by Tableau Vivant @ Kustom9!

Yup you guessed it, time for another great new release from Tableau Vivant!   And what makes it even more awesome???…. Its unisex, so anyone and everyone can rock it!  Yoshi is new part of Tableau Vivants add-ons line. With Yoshi you will get 2 pieces,  the fringe and the tail. The hair base is sold separately, it is not included in the add-on pack.  What will the new hair base work with you ask??? Okay… I will tell you!  You must have a Catwa Bento head to use this one. But do not despair if you have a lelutka head, you can find Hair base #2 for Lelutka in Main store. If you like something and it isn’t currently compatible with your head….Soon, you can get them all to mix and match to your hearts content.

Just a little side news…Many of you have already asked and have come peeking for appliers for that new body of yours, They aren’t out yet but….Yes, Tableau Vivant will be releasing things soon for Belleza Body.

Tableau Vivants new Add-on Release and New Catwa Bento hairbase is available at Kustom9 (click me for teleport there!)


Yoshi Add-on But Tableau Vivant

Each pack contains:

– 2 non rigged mesh hair add-ons (fringe and tail);
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

There are 4 color pack huds to choose from, Also it is available in a fatpack which contains all 4 color pack huds.

Catwa HB2 by Tableau Vivant    (Is for Catwa Bento heads only and is sold separately)

Each pack contains:

– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

There are 4 color pack huds to choose from, also it is available in a fatpack which contains all 4 color pack huds.

Please always remember to try demos before making a purchase.

Eliah face applier for the new Catwa Stanley mesh head is also out.

In each applier pack you find:

– 1 CATWA head applier with 5 eyebrow tints (nobrows, blond, red, brown, dark), one hairbase and three beauty marks options (lipstick layer, blush layer, eyeshadow layer);
– 1 eyebrows shape (mod).

Applier can be worn on Daniel as well, just try it first!

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