Lets get Bad with Tableau Vivant @ The Epiphany!


Its time for another round of The Epiphany and Tableau Vivant brings you a fun unisex release! The common styles in Bad girls and boys is non-rigged so you are able to re-size and re-position with the built in menu, The rare is rigged and cannot be re-sized or re-positioned. The hair bases are made exclusively for Catwa heads using the Catwa system.


The Bad Girls and Boys Exclusive is also made specifically for Catwa using the Catwa system. Be sure to collect those point and grab this exclusive because it will be gone after the round ends and not offered again.

Please Try a demo before playing, Demos are on the front of the machine and always free. And again hair bases are for Catwa Heads only.


Where can i get it?  The Epiphany (Click me for Main sim)  ( Click me for Mirror Sim)

Bad girls (and boys) by Tableau Vivant

Pulls are:
22 commons
2 rares.

Packs available:
B+W, Blonds, Browns, Colors, Fades, Reds.

Rares available:
Pack I: B+W – Browns – Fades
Pack II: Blonds – Colors – Reds.
Common hair packs consists of:

– 1 hair;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Hair base pack contains:

Hair base in Catwa system in 6 tints.
Rare pulls contain:

– 1 hair
– 1 style hud [S and L sizes]
– 3 HUDs with 20 tint options.



– special style hair base in Catwa system in 6 tints.

Will be gone after event!


Hair and HUDs are no mod, no copy, transfer.
Exclusive reward is no mod, copy, no transfer.


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