~Tableau Vivant~ Sean skin & Hill hair

Dear friends,
Sean is finally ready!

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean

Sean is a little bit different from recent skin releases, but we promise you will love all the options! Ready?

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean

Let’s roll!
Sean comes in 10 tones (same used for David and Lucis) but you will find several new entries.
– 6 eyebrows tints + 1 eyebrows-less skins:
– 6 different eyebrows variations;
– 3 tattoo layers with three noses variations;
– 3 tattoo layers with three lips variations;
– 3 freckles tattoo layers:

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean-eyebrows

Also the usual 2 tintable hair bases and the happy trail tattoo and underwear layer that you already know.
This is what you get in each pack.

Also available for Sean as extra options:

Four tintable eyebrows layers,ten facial hair and Slink Appliers, compatible with David, Lucis and Sean only at the moment.

Also a shape is available for Sean.

~Tableau Vivant~ Sean shape

And finally a new unisex hairstyle; dreadlocks since the feedback called for more!

~Tableau Vivant~ Hill hair - Unisex

Dreads ponytail hairstyle with an extra optional hairline add-on.

Both gender sizes are in the pack and since unrigged you will be able to fit them on your shape, thanks to the XYZ independent stretch resizer.

~Tableau Vivant~ Hill - Dreads series

Two shapes are provided for the ladies, one for rounder heads and one for thinner and one size for the gents. Some guys might fit the female version best, depending on their head shape.

Inside the pack there are 14 hairbases to match the hair.

Stlecards are available on our flickr stream, as always.

We hope you will enjoy our new release!

~Tableau Vivant~

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