~Tableau Vivant~ New At Xiasumi School Festival

Hello! We are pleased to be in the 2nd round of Xiasumi School Festival! A few new things for you.

Mokuzai hair is up first!

~Tableau Vivant~Mokuzai


Mokuzai comes in our special Frizzy Chic line. the style is shoulder length with an headband that has 10 color options. It is unisex and so perfect for running around the sim during the warm months.

Each pack contains:
– 2 rigged mesh hair (male and female)
– 1 HUD with 15 tint options and 10 hairband presets,
– 1 optional alpha layer.
Click ‘Accessory’ to access the options.
You can remove the extra messy locks by rezzing the hair and detach it.
Please remember to do a copy before any modification!

Scripts can be deleted via hud by clicking the first button of the menu located in the upper right corner of the hud.

We also have :

~Tableau Vivant~ Drape shirt

Super sexy working man needs a rugged looking woodworking apron and a drapeshirt! The apron comes in used leather and the shirt has 10 color options, all sold separately.

Please be sure to try the demo!
Please note that we model our hairstyles following the standard sizing digits but some adjustments to your head shape may be needed.

Head digits that matter: Head Stretch, Head shape (square/round), Egg head, Forehead Angle and Upper Cheeks.

We are doing our best to fit mesh heads, please demo our hair wearing your mesh head before any purchase!

For undelivered purchases please visit our redelivery terminal in Main Store.

~Tableau Vivant~ @ Xiasumi School Festival

~Tableau Vivant~

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