Noct at Neo Japan

Our latest release, Noct, is now available at Neo Japan.


Where can I get it? Neo Japan

Our line feature a huds with 10 new textures, to match our hairbase line for mesh heads.

Attention please: demo comes in one color for size test.

This is full alpha hair, it means that it may glitch with environment using alphas such as water, trees and bushes, semi-transparent surfaces and some clothing.

Please try to detach and wear again ad right click on hair to fix some overlapping issues.


– 1 non rigged mesh hair in male and female fit (can be repositioned and resized)
– 1 HUD with color picking for infinite variations.


We are doing our best to fit all mesh heads, please demo our hair wearing your mesh head before any purchase!

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Rebel With A Cause

Our latest release, Rebel, is now available at Uber

Rebel is a stunning short, unisex style, tucked behind the ear on one side with flyaways and wisps for a natural look.


Where can I get it? Uber

Rebel is a unisex non rigged mesh hair that can be resized via popup menu along XYZ axis.

it comes in M and F sizes.

Please remember that we have brought back the tinting hud for our hair, just click on the icon on bottom left of the hud to access to the menu.

Permissions are mod, copy, no transfer.

We have tested on several mesh heads but please don’t forget to demo on your favorite before any purchase.


Each pack contains:
– 2 mesh non rigged hair;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Fatpack contains 6 huds.


We are doing our best to fit mesh heads, please demo our hair wearing your mesh head and favorite animation override/pose before any purchase!

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~Tableau Vivant~ New in store, TMD and We <3 RP

Hello everyone!

Tableau Vivant has a few new things to share with you all.

First up – Neve II. We have released a no hat version due to many of your requests ever since we first introduced Neve. Now finally you can have Neve II. Long, flowing and no hat!

~Tableau Vivant~ Neve II
􀀄Neve II is a unisex style, comes in two sizes in each pack and is rigged. Each pack also has – 1 HUD with 30 tint options .

Available in main store!


Next is Otto, available at TMD. Otto is hairstyle with fedora (10 colors) and tintable hairbase included.

􀀅~Tableau Vivant~ Otto

Two versions in each pack: combed (v.1) and messy (v.2).
Mod and XYZ resize.

Last but not least; Keiran. A long unisex style that is available at We ❤ RP. Suggested by our friend Aydan Darcy, .H.o.D. owner and creator. To him the credits for the name as well, which means dusky, dark-haired.

􀀆~Tableau Vivant~ Keiran

Each pack contains 2 rigged mesh hair. One optional tintable hairbase (please refer to the notecard on how to tint it properly) and 1 HUD with 30 tint options.
All hair styles have 11 Packs with 30 Tint Options in each. If you fatpack, there is an additional bonus hud.

If your hair does not deliver, please do not double purchase. Visit our redelivery terminal in the main store.

􀀀The Mens Dept

We ❤ RP

􀀁Tableau Vivant Re-delivery Terminal


Respectfully yours,
~Tableau Vivant~ Management


~Tableau Vivant~ Mainstore

~Tableau Vivant~ are also available on the following platforms:
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~Tableau Vivant ~ New At Arcade Gacha and Fameshed

Hello Everyone!

December 1st has brought so many new and exciting events to the grid! We are proud to once again be a part of Arcade Gacha.
This round of Arcade, we have a short unisex style that is the perfect look for winter. The hair is unrigged and each style comes with earmuffs! The earmuffs are an add on and the eyes on the little kitties actually blink.
– 4 commons with the basic earmuff on each side, without kitty;
– 28 commons with the basic earmuff on the right side and a blinking kitty on the left
– 6 rares with reindeer earmuff on right side and a special blinking tabby: black, blue, gray, orange, spotty and white
– Earmuff of the rares comes with reindeer horns and blinking Xmas lights, worn by the kitty as well.
Below is the key for the Christmassy Hair and earmuff add ons.

We really hope you enjoy our items as much as we love bringing them to you! Arcade Gacha is open for the entire month of December so if you cannot get in, keep trying!

We aren’t done yet! Now we have to share with you our releases at Fameshed!
Brand new style, Neve, available. Neve is a long hair style with a warm and cozy hat on to protect you from that fierce SL chill! Neve is rigged unisex and comes in male & famale sizes with a color changing accessory. Two different sizes in Small and Large for both male and female. Eleven different hair pack color huds available and if you fatpack you receive a bonus hud.
Brrrr! Bundle up while looking adorable!

Please note that any Tableau Vivant purchases from Fameshed that are not delivered can be resent using our redelivery terminal in the Tableau Vivant main store.
Thank you all so much for your support of Tableau Vivant!
Thank you,
~ Tableau Vivant~
~Tableau Vivant~ is also available on the following platforms:
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~Tableau Vivant~ New @ The Season’s Story and Mystic Realms

Hello everyone!

Two very fun events opened yesterday and we are excited to be a part of them both..

First one is The Seasons Story and we are helping to celebrate their 1st Anniversary with the very lovely Koyo. Koyo in Japanese means Autumn – colored foliage so we thought it was a fitting name for the long style with just the perfect amount of the windblown look for those chilly autumn days.

Now for the Mystic Realms Fair. For this event we did several styles, including some similar ones for the women and gents.

Myst and Mystic are long, parted in the middle with delicate waves flowing past the shoulders with the tips nearly touching your waist. This style is very versatile for whatever you choose to wear it for.




Fortuna and Prophet are also long styles with a thick portion of hair covering their eyes. They see no evil, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a little wicked.




Pathfinder is a unique style for both male and females. The top is shorter than the rest, in almost a faux mohawk with braids on either side, long sides that sweep back into a ponytail with one large tendril escaping. It seems to be begging for some serious trouble, don’t you think?

~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Pathfinder


Last but most certainty not least; Defiler. This style is unisex, comes with two hair bases and if Pathfinder was begging for trouble, Defiler is the one to give it while demanding respect.

~Tableau Vivant~ Defiler

All hair released for both events has our new hud systems which means; 1 hud with 30 tint options. The fatpacks contain 12 huds (11 listed plus an exclusive one, Chemistry, not available as a single pack).

For undelivered purchases, please visit our redelivery terminal in the Main Store.

We hope you enjoy our releases as much as we have loved bringing them to you.

The Seasons Story LM

The Mystic Realms Faire LM

Undelivered Purchases – Redelivery in Store
Thank You
~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Main Store Location


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~Tableau Vivant @ District 5

~Tableau Vivant~ is participating in the first round of District 5 event which is sponsored by Depraved Nation and we are excited to show you our two new styles for it from our Aidoru Series.

First up, the unisex Reita which is a style that just sweeps to the bottom of the chin with long pieces that are styled just right to give that look of – I tried but not too hard. You know it. Sexy. Also, there is a noseband with and w/o shadows that you can decide to use. This style is unrigged mesh hair.


Second is just adorable. Kyary is a precious dual bun style with wispy bangs that sweep to the side and longer layers that frame your pretty face just perfectly. There are also optional streaks with tattoos and variety of colors. Kyary is also unrigged mesh.


You can pick up styles at the LM below, the event lasts until the 31st of the month!

District 5

Respectfully yours,
~Tableau Vivant~ Management

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~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Fantasy Collective

Ahoy!Ahoy! Customers! T’ Pirates have arrived!

~Tableau Vivant~ be part o’ T’ Fantasy Collective and this round’s theme be Pirates!

Hahah ok enough with the Pirate speak! ~Tableau Vivant~ introduces Drake, a unisex pirate-inspired hairstyle! 100% original mesh, Drake is a messy do held together by a headband and enriched by beaded braids.
While the name comes straight from the famous Elizabethan naval commander Francis Drake, the hairstyle itself is inspired by Rikku, a young Al Bhed character in Final Fantasy X.

~Tableau Vivant~Drake Hair-Ladies

~Tableau Vivant~Drake Hair-Gents

The hairband and the beads are hud driven, 10 presets are available for the hairband and 10 for the beads or any color you want using the color picker option (we suggest to use the white texture for this option).

Come and meet us Pirates and grab yourself your Drake!