~Tableau Vivant~ New @ The Season’s Story and Mystic Realms

Hello everyone!

Two very fun events opened yesterday and we are excited to be a part of them both..

First one is The Seasons Story and we are helping to celebrate their 1st Anniversary with the very lovely Koyo. Koyo in Japanese means Autumn – colored foliage so we thought it was a fitting name for the long style with just the perfect amount of the windblown look for those chilly autumn days.

Now for the Mystic Realms Fair. For this event we did several styles, including some similar ones for the women and gents.

Myst and Mystic are long, parted in the middle with delicate waves flowing past the shoulders with the tips nearly touching your waist. This style is very versatile for whatever you choose to wear it for.




Fortuna and Prophet are also long styles with a thick portion of hair covering their eyes. They see no evil, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a little wicked.




Pathfinder is a unique style for both male and females. The top is shorter than the rest, in almost a faux mohawk with braids on either side, long sides that sweep back into a ponytail with one large tendril escaping. It seems to be begging for some serious trouble, don’t you think?

~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Pathfinder


Last but most certainty not least; Defiler. This style is unisex, comes with two hair bases and if Pathfinder was begging for trouble, Defiler is the one to give it while demanding respect.

~Tableau Vivant~ Defiler

All hair released for both events has our new hud systems which means; 1 hud with 30 tint options. The fatpacks contain 12 huds (11 listed plus an exclusive one, Chemistry, not available as a single pack).

For undelivered purchases, please visit our redelivery terminal in the Main Store.

We hope you enjoy our releases as much as we have loved bringing them to you.

The Seasons Story LM

The Mystic Realms Faire LM

Undelivered Purchases – Redelivery in Store
Thank You
~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Main Store Location


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~Tableau Vivant~ for Ladies and Gents!

Hello dear Ladies and Gents.
We have a lot of news to share with you!
Let’s roll :]

The Men’s Department is with this round is celebrating its second anniversary and we’re proud to celebrate together with an amazing group of designers!

~Tableau Vivant~ for The Men’s Department this month brings you Monk Hair, a shorter, bundled up dreadlock hairstyle held together by a soft headband.

~Tableau Vivant~ Monk Hair

Monk is a mesh unisex hairstyle that can be adjusted via a resizer script; should you feel lazy instead, we have added four four pre-made shapes for an easier and faster fit:

– Regular – standard sizes head, 50 average on every head digit;
– Squash – rounder and smaller heads;
– Stretch – longer and larger heads,
– Male – will mostly fit average male head shapes.

Monk comes as a single pack, with 14 hair colors that can be changed via hud, the same hud serves also as texture changer for the headband, with 15 colors to choose from.

At Men’s Department you will also find Ren, our latest skin.

~Tableau Vivant~ Ren skin

Ren is available in tones 3, 5 and 7 sold exclusively @ The Mens Department for the month of April..

– 8 bald basic skins with different eyebrow options (no eyebrows, blond, dark blond, dark red, light red, reddish brown, light brown, dark brown );
– 2 extra eyebrows in four tints (tattoo layers);
– 3 extra noses (tattoo layers);
– 1 extra lips (tattoo layers);
– 1 extra eyes contour (tattoo layers);
– system eyebrow shape.

The skin is compatible with the Slink appliers available in Store.

But there’s more! To celebrate The Men’s Department second anniversary with each skin you will find this extra skin for free!
~Tableau Vivant~Ren Skin - TMD Anniversary Gift

Taxi to The Mens Dept!

~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~ ~°~

And now for the Ladies! Gents you can leave now ;]

Spring is around the corner ad C88 is a bloom explosion!

We join the beauty with two hair: Springflower & Springer, two romantic curled long hair.
Springflower hair comes with a headband (can’t be detached) in 20 different tints.
Materials are enabled.

~Tableau Vivant~ Springflower

Springer is headband free.

~Tableau Vivant~ Springer

Two sizes available:
standard and Implants for mesh breast.
Color packs contain one HUD in 14 tones;
fatpack contains 7 huds in total.

Wait, 7?

For this round we introduce you a new hud: Solstice.

We have gathered our Customers’ requests adding some extra browns, blonds, dyes and the *wanted* pitch black.
We hope you will enjoy the new colors :]

Limo to Collabor88!

✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❂ ❃ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❂ ❃ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❂ ❃ ✾ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❂ ❃

Spring round of The Seasons Story started!
April 10 – May 10

Hana ( ‘flower’ in Japanese) is a big hairstyle, meant to be worn on voluminous clothes.

Several Customers were asking for a ‘gothic lolita’, ‘anime-like’ and extra long hair; we hope that we have meet their needs with this style!

Hana hair is styled with bangs, Hana v.2 without.

~Tableau Vivant~ Hana Hair-blog

Please note that are sold separately and both styles come with a detachable flowers accessory in 6 different tints for each style.
The accessory is no mod and is rigged.

~Tableau Vivant~Hana Hair

Each pack contains:
Two sizes, S and L.
one HUD in 14 tones;
Optional alpha layer.

Fatpacks contain 7 huds and all 12 flowers accessories.

Here is your giant bunny ride to the TSS venue!

Enjoy the upcoming Spring Season ❤

~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ @ Collabor88, She & Him and The Seasons Story

We have a lot in store this month so let’s roll!

For Collabor 88 we have created a cute unisex hairstyle called Bean.
Bean is original unrigged mesh, the hat textures are 8 and can be changed via hud and so can the beads and ribbons in the hair, there’s lots of different combinations to choose from!

In each Bean pack you will find the huds and a male and female version of the hair, being unrigged, the hair can be resized via script.
The beanie is material ready.

~Tableau Vivant~ Bean hair-AD


~Tableau Vivant~ is also participating to the SHE & HIM event with a range of romantic and dreamy female, male and couple poses by our lovely Loulou Teichmann.
Perfect for editorial shots or to capture your special moments, our poses will certainly inspire you!

~Tableau Vivant~ She&Him - To-Die-For - Jaded

~Tableau Vivant~ She&Him - Isamu

~Tableau Vivant~ She&Him - There is Something

For the full pictures of all the poses available please follow Loulou’s awesome flickr stream!


On September 10th a new dreamy event is coming to the grid: The Seasons Story.
In an amazing environment many great designers joined together to bring to you season inspired creations.
We present our Fall hair, rigged hairstyle with a cowl.
Each pack features 12 different hues for the hair and 8 textures for the cowl, menu driven.
Cowl and button are material ready.

~Tableau Vivant~ Fall hair - AD


Taxi stops:
The Season’s Story