~Tableau Vivant~ TMD and We <3 RP

Hello everyone!

Tableau Vivant is in the current round of The Mens Dept and We ❤ RP.

At The Mens Dept we have facial hair accessories, shaved hair bases and eyebrows for TheMeshProject!


-Tableau Vivant- TMD Bodyline


Each pack contains four tints of the style:
Dark, blond, red and white.
Tattoo layers are mod.

~Tableau Vivant~ Eyebrows_AD_Attractive ~Tableau Vivant~ Eyebrows_AD_Sexy ~Tableau Vivant~ Eyebrows_AD_Softangled ~Tableau Vivant~ FacialHair_AD- 5oclock ~Tableau Vivant~ FacialHair_AD- Chin curtain ~Tableau Vivant~ FacialHair_AD- Jawline ~Tableau Vivant~ FacialHair_AD- Mutton Chops



Please be aware that this release is compatible with #TheMeshProject heads and has been designed particularly for fitting them.

We do provide a system tattoo layer in each pack for standard avatars but the quality of the textures and the fitting (especially for eyebrows) is not perfect as for the mesh heads.

Appliers are not bound to our skin line and can be worn with every brand.

We have a long, tousled and sexy new style for the ladies at We ❤ RP. Lupe has wisps in all the right places and is the perfect way to finish either a casual, RP or hello sexy time look.

~Tableau Vivant~ Lupe hair

Each pack contains 2 sizes of the mesh style and 1 HUD with 30 tint options.
All hair styles have 11 Packs with 30 Tint Options in each. If you fatpack, there is an additional bonus hud.

If your hair does not deliver, please do not double purchase. Visit our redelivery terminal in the main store.


TMD – The Mens Dept

We ❤ RP

Tableau Vivant – Redelivery Terminal

Respectfully yours,
~Tableau Vivant~

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