Tableau Vivant’s November releases

We’re back with new releases for boys and girls!

For November’s edition of TMD we released Marcus, an applier for TMP mesh heads.


Marco’s brooding look is available in a range of 10 skintones, and each applier has 4 eyebrow colors + a no brows option.

Tp to TMD!

We’re also back at C88 with Glenn & Glenn II, an unkempt long mane available in male and female version.


Glenn and Glenn II are rigged hairstles available in small, large and svelte guy sizes, and are available in our standard 11 colors huds.

Come and check them out at Collabor88!

Tableau Vivant is also present in November’s round of Kustom9 with Bella (& Bello), a sensual, voluminous and breezy long straight hairstyle.


Bella and Bello are rigged hairstles available in small, large and svelte guy sizes, and are available in our standard 11 colors huds.

Take a ride to Kustom9!


~Tableau Vivant ~ New At Arcade Gacha and Fameshed

Hello Everyone!

December 1st has brought so many new and exciting events to the grid! We are proud to once again be a part of Arcade Gacha.
This round of Arcade, we have a short unisex style that is the perfect look for winter. The hair is unrigged and each style comes with earmuffs! The earmuffs are an add on and the eyes on the little kitties actually blink.
– 4 commons with the basic earmuff on each side, without kitty;
– 28 commons with the basic earmuff on the right side and a blinking kitty on the left
– 6 rares with reindeer earmuff on right side and a special blinking tabby: black, blue, gray, orange, spotty and white
– Earmuff of the rares comes with reindeer horns and blinking Xmas lights, worn by the kitty as well.
Below is the key for the Christmassy Hair and earmuff add ons.

We really hope you enjoy our items as much as we love bringing them to you! Arcade Gacha is open for the entire month of December so if you cannot get in, keep trying!

We aren’t done yet! Now we have to share with you our releases at Fameshed!
Brand new style, Neve, available. Neve is a long hair style with a warm and cozy hat on to protect you from that fierce SL chill! Neve is rigged unisex and comes in male & famale sizes with a color changing accessory. Two different sizes in Small and Large for both male and female. Eleven different hair pack color huds available and if you fatpack you receive a bonus hud.
Brrrr! Bundle up while looking adorable!

Please note that any Tableau Vivant purchases from Fameshed that are not delivered can be resent using our redelivery terminal in the Tableau Vivant main store.
Thank you all so much for your support of Tableau Vivant!
Thank you,
~ Tableau Vivant~
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.~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Fantasy Collective

Hello lovely people!

This round of The Fantasy Collective’s theme is all things New Orleans! Think Witchcraft, Voodoo, Vampire’s, French Quarter, Mardi Gras, Papa Guédé, All Saints Day, ‘The Originals’.

We gave in to our strong temptation to do our own version of Baron Samedi and Maman Brigitte. Adding our own spin, of course.

Are you feeling like being a little dark and mysterious today? How about maybe a little dangerous? Is there something lurking in the darkest corners of your mind that you are considering playing out?


Baron smolders. The long hair screams give me whatever you have and I can take it. The original mesh hat promises you the time of your life because this is the guy who will be dangerous enough to satisfy whatever it is you are seeking. After all, Baron Samed, whom the hair was styled after, was known for disruption, obscenity, debauchery, and having a particular fondness for tobacco and rum.

Oh and ladies – did you think we would forget about you? Never.


Barony knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Look at those long luscious locks…do you doubt this is a woman in charge? I don’t. Styled after Maman Brigette, the wife of Baron Samedi, she is known for drinking rum infused with hot peppers and is symbolized by a black rooster. Oh and a deep fondness for obscenities.

Hair can be worn as standalone anyway, and can be styled with pretty much everything.

Barony and Baron hair feature both a hat but it’s little different one from another.
We will probably offer a hats only pack once the release will be in store, so this is your chance to get both the hair and hat together.

Each pack contains:
– 2 sizes hair (Baron) // 2 sizes for ladies (Barony)
– 1 hat ;
– 1 HUD with 14 tints:,
– 1 alpha layer // 2 alpha layers for the ladies.

Fatpacks contain 7 huds.

The event opens at 12pm slt. Would you dare miss it?

Thank you,

~Tableau Vivant~ Management

TP to Fantasy Collective


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Tableau Vivant ~ Summerfest 2014

Tableau Vivant is participating in the second round of Summerfest and we are thrilled to show you all we have been busy working on. Take a seat because there are quite a few new things!

Three new unisex style and one female style and you will hopefully love them all. They are perfect for summer because doesn’t love long and luxurious hair with tan skin


Summerwind has a part to the side and flows oh so sexy


 Summers has a middle part that gives you that bed head that so many find alluring.


Soleil is our other long haired beauty but with a hat and a hud like all the rest for hair colors but also for the hat. Endless options to match any outfit.

Summerfest runs through July 13th and it is so very worth trying to get in. Remember – patience is the name of the game.  Please remember to try the demos for all the products.

Thank you all for your continued and loyal support of  Tableau Vivant! We appreciate each and every single one of you.

Respectfully yours,
~Tableau Vivant ~

Your ride to the magic


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