Tableau Vivant – Burtonette and Dia de los muertos

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Who doesn’t love Tim Burton and his unique style and his trademark twisted vision? We certainly do!
Collabor88 theme this month is Burtonesque and our contribution is a wild big doll-like hair and a face applier for #tmp male heads.

Tableau Vivant - Burtonette ADV

Burtonette comes in a single size that fits daring guys as well!
It is offered in our v4. huds and also in frizzy chic line if you prefer it less shiny and more messy!

It is rigged so can’t be resized!

Tableau Vivant - Dia de los muertos ADV

Halloween is so close and those of you that follow us, will remember our previous years releases. Our Mort Vivant tone for male skins features a dia de los muertos makeup to complete a perfect Baron Samedi look.

It is offered in three different options, visit the venue to demo them.

Your cab to C88 October round

Hair displayed is Muse while top hat is part of Baron hair, a last year release.
Complete stylecard can be found on our flickr stream!

Thank you for your support!

Tableau Vivant

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~Tableau Vivant~ Halloween Edition skins, new hairstyles and a group gift!

~Tableau Vivant~
New releases

Hello gentlemen and ladies, bored of us yet? We hope you aren’t because this post is full of cool new releases!

Halloween is almost upon us and for this reason we have released some “Vamped up” versions of our David and Lucis skins at a special price. We treated the guys with special spooky makeups to perfectly match your costumes.

Each skin has 5 different makeups to choose from, in each package you will also find three eyebrow options: dark, brownish red and blond.
Please note that David and Lucis Horror edition come only in the bald version.

We have some hair out too to match with your skins!

~ Tableau Vivant~ Vlodovic hair is a straight but voluminous hairstyle that will look great on a vampire inspired look but also on your your everyday looks.
The Vlodovic hairstyles comes both in a male and female version

Just for the ladies, ~ Tableau Vivant~ Bardot hair is an homage to the most famous and sexiest French actress. This timeless hairdo screams date night and will turn each of you into a real bombshell.

As usual our hairstyles are available in several tones, there’s 14 per hud color with so many combinations to choose from.
A mod alpha layer is provided to fix eventual issues of fitting.
Script can be deleted via HUD, but please remember to make a copy of the hair before doing so!

We also have a new groupgift out for you guys!
There’s a new Halloween inspired makeup of David and Lucis up for grab on the skins counter.
Three eyebrows options for both as well!

Please remember that to be able to get the gift you have to have your
~ Tableau Vivant~ group tag on!

Taxi to ~ Tableau Vivant~