~ Tableau Vivant – New At Shiny & Shabby

Tableau Vivant is excited to be part of the fabulous event; Shiny & Shabby.

Tableau Vivant is happy to introduce our new editorial ‘Frizzy Chic” line. Three special texture huds for messy, tangled and frizzy hair.

Tableau Vivant - Shiny & Shabby Hair

Shiny and Shabby are two completely different styles. Shiny is a wild, just rolled out of bed style and Shabby is a lovely updo that comes with accessories.

Some important details about both styles:

Shabby hair is mesh non rigged therefore can be repositioned and resized, either manually or via XYZ resizer (click to activate menu).

Default attachment for branches is right ear, please pick ‘add’ if you are already wearing something on that attachment.
You are free to change the attachment point, of course.

Since accessory is copy and mod, it can be worn multiple times if you feel like adding your hair with more adorning flowers.
Just create your own style!

Shiny Hair is mesh rigged, therefore it can’t be repositioned or resized. It is offered in 3 sizes; XS, M and L.
If your item should not deliver, please try the redelivery terminal .

We hope you enjoy the new release and thank you all for your support of Tableau Vivant.

Shiny & Shabby


Thank You
~ Tableau Vivant~

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