~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Fantasy Collective

Ahoy!Ahoy! Customers! T’ Pirates have arrived!

~Tableau Vivant~ be part o’ T’ Fantasy Collective and this round’s theme be Pirates!

Hahah ok enough with the Pirate speak! ~Tableau Vivant~ introduces Drake, a unisex pirate-inspired hairstyle! 100% original mesh, Drake is a messy do held together by a headband and enriched by beaded braids.
While the name comes straight from the famous Elizabethan naval commander Francis Drake, the hairstyle itself is inspired by Rikku, a young Al Bhed character in Final Fantasy X.

~Tableau Vivant~Drake Hair-Ladies

~Tableau Vivant~Drake Hair-Gents

The hairband and the beads are hud driven, 10 presets are available for the hairband and 10 for the beads or any color you want using the color picker option (we suggest to use the white texture for this option).

Come and meet us Pirates and grab yourself your Drake!