~Tableau Vivant~Jinn Skin @ The Gallery Gift Shop.

~Tableau Vivant~ Jin pale - nocopy

Hello dear ~Tableau Vivant~ afficionados

we are happy to share this gorgeous Jinn skin with you for The Gallery Gift Shop.

The skin sold in pale tone comes in 4 different options at a special price (50% off):

Pale tone-blonde bald and hairbase
Pale tone-dark bald and hairbase

and of course you can choose between the transfer version to send it as a gift or the copy version to keep it for you!

We hope you’ll like it!

~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Demon of Lava

~Tableau Vivant~ Demon of Lava

Demons of Lava is the first of a project of themed series of stage+poses+avatar (skin and accessories).

In the pack you’ll find:

– a stage (with a small animated texture, if you have it disabled please turn it on!)

– three couple poses (that you can use or not, it’s up tp you!)

– a male skin in four options (bald, hair base, lighter brows and darker)

– some tattoo layers (for legs and head )

– an alpha layer and a mesh leg attachment, animated as well)

Out in store

~Tableau Vivant~ Adam skin

~Tableau Vivant~ Adam AD


This is our new release: ~Tableau Vivant~ Adam.

In each pack you’ll find five skin options:

– Dark eyebrows + Hair Base
– Dark eyebrows
– Dark Blonde eyebrows
– Blonde eyebrows
– no eyebrows.
~Tableau Vivant~ Adam - LaPlegua

It is offered in 16 different skin tones.
We want to stress that some skin tones, specially the dark ones, present darker eyebrows even in the blond tint. Some of them will look brown, so please keep that in mind!

~Tableau Vivant~ Adam ADV

Maitreya Jordyn – Platinum
*6DDO* rera elf ears
*6DDO* fur coat RETAR
~Tableau Vivant~ Adam skin – Blonde – Tone 11
.HoD. – Reach – Silver Lining – M


Maitreya Green II
Monocle: *+Crie Style+* Soave
Suit ::GB::Black tuxed with Mantle

Pictures taken and edited by Aida Ewing