~Tableau Vivant~ Fairy Tales 2012

The Fairy Tales in 2012 event is still going on!
Damon is our new skin, in demonic and vampiric style

~Tableau Vivant~ Damon-Vampire-AD

~Tableau Vivant~ Damon-demonAD

and two props with 12 poses from our talented Loulou wait for you:

~Tableau Vivant~ LakeBodom

~Tableau Vivant~ The darkest Nights

Lake Bodom: land impact (127 no mod, copy, no transfer)
The Darkest Night: land impact 77 (no mod, copy, no transfer)

To Fairy Tales 2012


~Tableau Vivant~Jinn Skin @ The Gallery Gift Shop.

~Tableau Vivant~ Jin pale - nocopy

Hello dear ~Tableau Vivant~ afficionados

we are happy to share this gorgeous Jinn skin with you for The Gallery Gift Shop.

The skin sold in pale tone comes in 4 different options at a special price (50% off):

Pale tone-blonde bald and hairbase
Pale tone-dark bald and hairbase

and of course you can choose between the transfer version to send it as a gift or the copy version to keep it for you!

We hope you’ll like it!

~Tableau Vivant~

~Tableau Vivant~ Demon of Lava

~Tableau Vivant~ Demon of Lava

Demons of Lava is the first of a project of themed series of stage+poses+avatar (skin and accessories).

In the pack you’ll find:

– a stage (with a small animated texture, if you have it disabled please turn it on!)

– three couple poses (that you can use or not, it’s up tp you!)

– a male skin in four options (bald, hair base, lighter brows and darker)

– some tattoo layers (for legs and head )

– an alpha layer and a mesh leg attachment, animated as well)

Out in store