~Tableau Vivant~ @ The Arcade Gacha & Fameshed

For this round of the Arcade Gacha, ~Tableau Vivant~ brings us Japanese anime inspired hairstyle called Cho.

Cho, with its playful high ponytails is a true kawaii harajuku hairstyle, colorful and fun it comes with fun hairpins and accessories.

 This hair can be worn ‘plain’ and with hairpins. There are two sets in each pack and you can combine both or wear only one of them, as you like.

There are 30 (!!!) colors to win, and five of them are rares with special hairpins and antlers that cannot be detached.

The rares are:
Black&Silver: black hair and silver glitter accessories;
Blond&Blue: blond hair and azure glitter accessories;
Brown&Color: brown hair and slightly colored (no glitter) accessories;
Red&Gold: red hair and golden glitter accessories.

We hope you’ll have lots of fun playing with our gacha!!
 For this round of Fameshed ~Tableau Vivant~ brings you a stylish unisex hairstyle called Silverblade.

This voluminous slightly messy low ponytail is very sexy and is somewhat a “bed hair” for both sexes.

The ponytail holder comes in 14 different presets plus a base, you can also choose any color you want using the color picker option (we suggest to use the white texture as base for this option).

To change the color just select the ‘Accessory’ button on the hud and select the preset you prefer.

The ponytail holder is material ready, so you can see the fabric bumpiness and glossiness with the official SL viewer.

Come to FaMESHEd to pick up Silverblade!

~Tableau Vivant~ @ Cosmetic Fair

~Tableau Vivant~
Talamasca Hair

Here we are again!
We are part of Cosmetic Fair, running from Oct 15th to Oct 31st.

Unisex hair piece and finally all the hairbases are done!
Inside the pack you will find tubes with the hairbases, 14 per hud color (70 in total + 14 renamed to match the mixed Equinox hud).

Talamasca hairpiece is non rigged so you can resize it.
Since the head shapes are all different we improved the resize with a new script, you can stretch now in all XYZ directions.

Just touch the hair, no need to use the hud.

~Tableau Vivant~
Facial hair 1

We are finally starting our mesh beards collection since our system beards are so old!

Here is the first one, we hope you will find easy to fit it on your shape.

As for the hair you can resize it in all X, Y, Z directions, any of them, just touch the beard and follow the blue pop-up menu.

Both the mesh beard and the facial hair layer are tintable, just edit and pick the color from the SL color window.

The script includes:
– Pose stand with pose on/off buttons.
– Restore button will reset the beard in the original size.
– You can delete the script to reduce lag but please remember to do a copy of your hair first.

Thank you fo your time and please remember to share your gorgeous pictures in our flickr group!

Taxi to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//213/187/8

~Tableau Vivant~


~Tableau Vivant~Dreamscape release

~Tableau Vivant~
Dreamscape hair

We are taking part to the Body Modification Expo with a special new release!

Dreamscape Hair is a special hairstyle that can be worn in several ways.

Inside the pack you’ll find different hair pieces:
Dreamscape Hair – Horns
Dreamscape Hair – Blindfolded
Dreamscape – Locks (left and right, standalone)
Dreamscape – Locks implants (left and right, standalone)
Dreamscape – HUD
Dreamscape – Hairbase

The pieces ‘Horns’ and ‘Blindfolded’ are unrigged mesh, so they can be resized via hud.

A system hairbase layer is provided to match the Horns hair piece.

The HUD allows to make the scalp of the Horns piece invisible; this way you can wear the horns only.

You can also delete the script. It will *not* make the hair mod so please, save a copy before you remove the script!

Please note, the hair comes in this single reddish brown/black color, exclusive for BM.

Taxi to The Body Modification Expo

~Tableau Vivant~ New releases for Collabor 88

~Tableau Vivant~
Bunny & Stag mesh chair

We wanted to create something special for this month’s Collabor88 as the event celebrates its 2nd birthday.

So we have made something that can be appreciated by our male and female clientele, the Bunny & Stag mesh chairs. These whimsical yet classic chairs will be perfect as decor for any environment, be it modern or more traditional.



The Stag chair follows the “him” palette and the Bunny chair follows the “her” palette as per this month’s Collabor88 theme illustrated below.

collabor88-pallette-20s-her-dazzle      collabor88-pallette-20s-him-razzle


In each pack you will find a hud driven chair (+ HUD) for photography use and a menu driven version for interior design purpose; both versions can be resized.
The chairs feature the AVsitter system so they are low lag. The menu will activate once an avatar will sit on the chair.

Each version has two choices of wood: clear and dark.
You can easily change them via HUD or via menu (depending on the version you are going to use).
Ground shadow option on/off.

Happy Birthday Collabor88 ❤

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~ Tableau Vivant~ March 2013 Releases

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

we have been so very busy with several releases and we can’t wait to share them with you all.


First of all Fashion for Life is still running!
You have time until Sunday 17th to support the Cause.

We have released four couple poses, all of them 100% to RfL.

Taxi to Fashion For Life


New hair release @ Collabor88
Short hairstyle, non rigged mesh hair with flexi prims locks.

Tableau Vivant - Hathaway Hair

Special themed pack: New Romance, that contains:
Antique (only in this pack) – Aqua – Emerald (only in this pack) – Lavender – Pink 2

Tips textures not available, sorry!
They didn’t look right on this hairstyle  😦

As always remember to demo the item before the purchase.

Taxi to Collabor 88


The Liaison Collaborative presents their new bi-monthly event: the Boutique.
Our contribution is an unisex hoodie cape in three colors, following the theme of the event: cherry blossoms.

The Liaison Collaborative Tableau Vivant

 If you’ve played “Dance Central 2” you know where the inspiration comes from :]
Inner pattern and cap are menu driven so you can change the tints. After the event more colors will be available in store.

Taxi to TLC

~Tableau Vivant~


. Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/tableauvivant
. FlickR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tableauvivant_sl/
. FlickR group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tableauvivant_sl/

~Tableau Vivant~ Couturier Hair

Dear friends,

for this February round of Collabor 88 we are extremely proud to introduce a new hairstyle for the ladies.

Couturier is a playful and girly hairstyle with low casual ponitails and long full bangs. Rigged and mesh, Couturier comes with a separate hud to change the hairband colors in 5 different tones.

~ Tableau Vivant~ Couturier hair AD

Available in natural and colourful and tipped tones, Couturier is the perfect hairstyle to wear with your casual outfits.

Couturier hair is only and exclusively available at Collabor88 February round.