Here for the Bunny Girls

Our latest release is a fantasy long add-on that will melt a crystal heart

Where can I get it? The Crystal Heart Festival

Our add-ons line feature a huds with 10 new textures, to match our hairbase line for mesh heads.

Please note!
Demo comes in one tint to match the demo hairbase and with a XYZ resizer hair in pack come with hud resizer.

This is full alpha hair, it means that it may glitch with environment using alphas such as water, trees and bushes, semi-transparent surfaces and some clothing.

Please try to detach and wear again ad right click on hair to fix some overlapping issues.


– 1 non rigged mesh hair (can be resized via hud);
– 1 rigged mesh hair (can’t be repositioned or resized);
– 1 HUD with color picking for infinite variations.


We are doing our best to fit all mesh heads, please demo our hair wearing your mesh head before any purchase!

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