Make it a Dreamy Bray Day

We’re dreaming of a great 2021 with a new windswept release, Bray.

Where can I get it?  Uber

Bray hair comes in rigged and non rigged versions.

While the rigged one can’t be resized or repositioned, the windy one, for editorial purpose, can be repositioned and resized both manually and via pop up menu along XYZ axys.

We have also brought back the tinting hud for our hair, just click on the icon on bottom left of the hud to access to the menu.

Permissions are no mod, copy, no transfer.

We have tested on several mesh heads but please don’t forget to demo on your favorite before any purchase.


Each pack contains:
– 1 rigged mesh hair;
– 1 non rigged [windy] mesh hair;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Fatpack contains 6 huds.


We are doing our best to fit all mesh heads, please demo our hair wearing your mesh head before any purchase!

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