Ace the base with Tableau Vivant @ Anthem!

Tableau Vivant Catwa_KB16 Anthem

Tableau Vivant has a new hair base style for you at this round of Anthem. Meet Catwa HB 16! This hair base style is optimized specifically for Catwa Mesh heads. Included within this pack are also tattoo layers for the new BoM feature, however only purchase if you own a catwa head as this was developed specifically for catwa. Included for tinting ease is a 6 tint color pallet to assist you in getting that perfect shade for your desired look.  Colors included in the pallet do not correspond with any specific colors in the Tableau Vivant color line, and are made to work with your mesh heads tinting menu.  HB 16 is great on its own or can be paired with many different pieces from our Add-ons line located at the main store location.

Please be sure to try a demo before making a purchase. They are always free and found on the front of the point of purchase. You must own a Catwa Head for this product to appear and work correctly.



Where can i get it? Anthem (Click me for a Ride)


Catwa HB 16 by Tableau Vivant

Hud with 6 tints
Tattoo layers for BOM feature


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