All about the Hairbase, by Tableau Vivant @ Uber!

Tableau_Vivant-Genus_HB4 UBER

Tableau Viviant has a new hair base for you, out now at the new round of Uber. Meet Genus HB 05.  Genus HB05 is made specifically for the Genus head. You must own a genus head for this product to work for you, no system or omega is available for this style. It comes in one style variation as shown above with 6 helpful tints to help you get to your desired color.  Please be aware the tints are not specific to any share in the Tableau Vivant line, and are mainly provided to assist with using your head hud to tint.

A new genus head owner? here are some helpful resources to assist with using this product.

Provided by Daeberethwen Arbenlow

Please be sure to always clear your default hair base and make it white.


Where can I get it?  Uber (Click me for a Ride)

Genus HB04 by Tableau Vivant

1 variation, 6 tints.

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