MinaPina by Tableau Vivant Arrives just in time for the summer @ Kustom9!

Tableau_Vivant_-_Minapina k9

Tableau Vivant has a new short look to show off those shoulders, meet MinaPina! MinaPina is a short semi wavy style that nicely frames the face as shown above. MinaPina is a non-rigged style so she can be re-sized and re-positioned via the built in menu, just touch for access. MinaPina comes also with a mirror style, so which ever side you prefer to wear your bangs, MinaPina will work great for you. MinaPina has tinting available  via the tinting hud,  just click the bottom left hand corner tinting icon.

Please be sure to try a demo before making a purchase. Demo’s are always free and found on the front of the point of sale display.

Details :

Where can i get it? Kustom9 (click me for a ride)


MinaPina by Tableau Vivant

Each pack contains:
– 2 mesh hair;
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options

Fatpack contains 6 huds.


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