Tableau Vivant brings you Bureaux House @ 6 Republic!



It is that special time of year when Tableau brings you builds and decor! Bureaux House gacha collection  features a new Rare sky box along with 23 other common items for decor. Lots of great decor items from tables, rugs, a couch, pillows, shelf, lamps, knickknacks and 3 bed color choices to collect and personalize your space. Shown above is the items offered in the collection, listed below is the full land impact info. Be sure to visit and play for these great items!


Where can I get it?   6 Republic (click me for a ride)

Bureaux house gacha by Tableau Vivant

Pulls Available are:
23 commons
1 rare.

Land Impact info:

1.Skybox RARE : 145li
2. 3. 4. bed : 25li
5.Wall shelf: 3li
6.Side table : 4li
7.Pillows wire basket : 5li
8.Sofa : 8li
9.Round table : 2li
10.Carpet round : 5li
11. 23. lamp : 6li
12.Cofee table : 3li
13. Candles decor : 3li
14. 18. Pillows : 3li
15. Apples decor : 3li
16. 24. Vases :4li
17.Carpet square : 2li
19.Dining table : 1li
20. Dining chair : 2li
21.Plate decor : 3li
22.Alocasia plant : 4li
Land impact value refer to prizes ‘out of box’. Values will increase if the object is enlarged.

All prizes are mod, no copy, transfer.

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