Flora arrives at The Epiphany by Tableau Vivant!

Its time for another round of The Epiphany and Tableau Vivant brings a new Inspired release named Flora.  Flora is available in 4 styles within the gacha, Left, right and a short style which is the rare and also a pulled back style as the VIP reward. There are also 3 different floral adornments that can be won!  The Vip Reward, is a reward that drops for playing the gacha, The one from Tableau Vivant Includes, Flora pulled back with 6 tinting huds, a floral adornment with tinting hud. There is also an exclusive! The way the exclusive works, you can take all the duplicates you do not wish to keep and turn them in for points. Then You are able to turn in the points to get an item that is only ever going to be available for that round, with Tableau Vivant it is the color hud for the 3 different florals you can win, so its something you are definitely are going to want to scoop up before it is gone.

Please be sure to try a demo before making a purchase. The demos are located on the from of the machine and are always free.


Where can i get it?  The Epiphany(Click me for ride)

Flora Gacha by Tableau Vivant:
15 commons, 3 rares, 1 vip, 1 Exclusive

Each common hair pack contains:
– 1 mesh hair
– 1 HUD with 20 tint options.

Each Rare hair pack contains:
– 1 mesh hair
– 2 color HUDs with 20 tint options.

VIP Contains:
– 1 Mesh hair
– 6 tinting huds for hairstyle
– Hair Bouquet
– Tinting hud for bouquet

– Tinting hud for floral Bouquets, Will be gone after the round ends.


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