Faun by Tableau Vivant @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Tableau Vivant - Faun

Faun is a new release by Tableau Vivant located at the new round of FGC.  Faun is messy, a bit wild and lots of fun. Faun is also part of the new v.6 color family. Faun is a non-rigged style so you are able to adjust and resize with the built in touch menu. There are 6 commons and 2 rares. Tinting has been brought back and found of the left bottom corner of the texture hud.

Please be sure to always try a Demo before making a purchase.


Where can i get it? Fantasy Gacha Carnival (click me for ride)

Faun By Tableau Vivant:

6 Commons and 2 rares

Each pack contains:
– 1 mesh hair;
– 1 Color HUD with 20 tint options.


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