Get Bad with Tableau Vivant @ The Epiphany!

Tableau Vivant - bad girls -Key (1)

Its that time again for another great round of the epiphany. Tableau Vivant has come out with some new must have releases. We have 2 different Styles on the left there is Pigtails and on the right Pompom. You could win different color packs of either style in each pull. There are 22 different commons you can play for and 1 rare. The rare hair base is omega! So if you have an omega relay for the head you wear, you can use these!! Pigtails and Pompoms are non-rigged styles so you can adjust them to fit with the built in re-sizer. There is also a little something special as well, shown below is the Epiphany Exclusive, Mandala. Be sure to grab this unique offering because when this round of the Epiphany ends, she will be gone and no longer offered. The Mandala Exclusive is also set up for omega and comes with 2 unique styles.

Tableau Vivant - bad girls -Exclusive

As Always, please be sure to try a demo before playing/purchasing.

Reminder: these are omega appliers (no system tattoo layers)


Where can i get this? The Epiphany (click me for a ride)

Bad Girls by Tableau Vivant:

Pulls are:
22 commons
1 rare.

Common hair pack consists of:

– 1 hair;
– 1 HUD with 16 tints.

Rare pack consists of:

– 3 Omega applier HUD for hair base in white (tintable via mesh head huds of your preference):
Stars, Shaved, Shade.

Exclusive prize consists of:
– 2 Omega applier HUD for hair base in white (tintable via mesh head huds of your preference):
Mandala and Mandala 2

Hair, appliers and HUDs are no mod, no copy, transfer.

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