Exciting new men’s releases from Tableau Vivant!

There are so many great new releases for men that have come out in the past week or so. They can be found at the Tableau Vivant Mainstore, The Lelutka Mainstore and Uber! So lets start with the new release at the TV mainstore location.  Finally here, we heard you!!! Body Appliers for the mens Belleza body! The Belleza Body Appliers are compatible *only* with the new body skin lines, you can find them in the mainstore location all except the special Mort Vivant tone. 37216644852_d1770a894e_o

More big news, if you haven’t heard yet….Lelutka released a new bento head for men! You can find it, try it, but it at the Lelutka mainstore, its named Andrea.  Along with this new big release by Lelutka, Tableau Vivant has got you covered…with great applier choices for the new Lelutka bento head.  There are 2 new appliers  by Tableau Vivant Located exclusively at the Lelutka mainstore, Andrea and Scott37217940312_c8787254be_o

And yes there is another to choose from, Tableau Vivant also released a 3rd applier with you can find to try, buy and take home as well named Derek at this months Uber.


If you haven’t gone out to try the new mens belleza body or the new Lelutka mens bento head, no better time then now as Tableau Vivant has you covered with many choices to keep you up to date and looking sexy!

As Always, please be sure to demo before making a purchase…

Time for the Details:

The new Belleza Body appliersThe Tableau Vivant Mainstore(Click me for ride)

The new Scott and Andrea Lelutka bento head appliers: The Lelutka Mainstore (Click me for ride)

New Derek Lelutka bento head applier: Uber (Click me for a ride)

Andrea, Scott and Derek Face Appliers By Tableau Vivant

This product is compatible with Lelutka male Bento heads, please be aware of that before to proceed with your purchase.  Each style is sold seperately.

Each pack contains:
– 1 Lelutka head applier with 6 eyebrow tints (no brows, dark blond, blond, red, brown, dark)
– 3 freckles options (upper three buttons)
– 3 makeup options (lower three buttons)
– 1 suggested eyebrows shape (mod).

Please note that on very pale and very dark skin tones, eyebrow color may vary slightly.

All tones are compatible with body appliers available in main store.

For any delivery issues, please visit our re-delivery terminal at the mainstore location.

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