Barber Cut Hair by Tableau Vivant Arrives @ Epiphany!

Its time for Epiphany and Tableau Vivant has brought some new fresh styles out with can easily be unisex. There are many styles to be played for in the Barbercut gacha, Side part, Quiff, Spiky and you could just go bare with the head base. there are 24 commons possible and 1 rare. So play till you get your favorite style and color pack. the neat thing, for the colors you might not wear, with this event you are able to turn them in for points. Once you get 25 points, you are able to buy an exclusive which is copy no transfer perms and completely unavailable at the end of the event. Its a great opportunity to get in on a style that may be unique to your style and later on can’t be replicated. Shown to the right is the style Viking Chic which is Tableau Vivants exclusive style for this round. Neat thing with the Exclusive is you will get 1 top, a braid and ponytail hair with all 8 hugs, with 16 different tints in each. Its a very versatile collection to have as you can mix and match which ever style you are feeling that day..and have something that suits every occasion you encounter in your second life.

Please Always try Demo’s before making a purchase.


Where can you get it? @  The Epiphany(click me), there is also  a Mirror Sim(click me).

Barbercut hair are all non rigged and come with built in re-sizer.

Hair base and facial hair are Omega appliers only , mean no system tattoo layer.

Demo displays hair base only.

Please refer to your mesh head designer/creator about how to apply/remove layers.
Layers used:
Hair base + forehead

Hair, appliers and HUDs are no mod, no copy, transfer.

Barbercut Hair by Tableau Vivant.

Pulls are:
24 commons
1 rare.

Common hair pack catch consists in:

– 1 hair add on;
– 1 HUD with 16 tints.

Rare catch consists in:

Omega applier hair base and facial hair, in dark and white (tint-able) versions.

Exclusive prize:
– 1 top, 1 braid and 1 ponytail hair;
– 8 HUDs with 16 tints each.

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