Whats your Mood? A new release featured at Kustom9.



Its time for some more fun with a new set to the add-ons line. This one is called Mood, whats is your mood? Feeling like a  kept together day with a ponytail, sleek after hours look with a nicely fashioned bun, or its it just one of those days you just don’t care its so hot its time to flip it up?  If you like to change your hair depending on your mood or destination this new release is calling your name!  There are also new matching hair bases for lelutka bento heads which are sold separately.  And Catwa user don’t worry, you can use these too! If you have  Catwa HB you can use that one with this new release and if you don’t have it yet, it can be picked up at the main store location Click me here.

Time for the Details:

Where can you get it?   Kustom9

Tableau Vivant — Mood add-ons

Each pack contains:

– 8 non rigged mesh hair add-ons;
– 1 rigged mesh hair add-on;
– 1 HUD with 6 tint options.

Fatpack contains all four huds.

Mood pieces are that are able to be resized with a simple click and a menu will pop up, otherwise the pieces are no mod. A Fitted Version of the pony is offered as well as a non rigged version.  You are able and encouraged to mix and match.

You can mix and match base + add-ons for a messy look or an edgy one.
Bases are offered in four versions:

HB9 for Lelutka Bento heads– comes in 4 different color pack options or as a fatpack!

Base only (with and without locks)
Messy base only (with and without locks).

We suggest to avoid messy bases for Pony-up add-on to avoid too much alpha clash.


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