Tableau Vivants May Release Re-cap!

Not had time to shop yet or forgot to pick something up?  Never fear, we’re here to help you out, with Mays new releases and where you can get them all  in one quick list.  If you would like more information on certain releases that are listed here? There are handy links to the details so all the information is all at your finger tips! Okay lets get going!


Tableau Vivant __ Teri hair

Teri Located @ Fameshed for the birthday round,  Click me for LM to Fameshed.

For all the Details on Teri,  Click Here.


Tableau Vivant-Urban Warrior

Urban Warrior Located @ Signature Event, Click me for LM to Signature Event.

For all the Details on Urban Warrior, Click Here.


Tableau Vivant __ Week End in London - Key

Weekend in London located  @ 6Republic , Click me for LM to 6Republic .

For the Details on Weekend in London, Click here.



Angy I & II Dreads Located @ The Mens Dept. , Click me for LM to TMD  .

For Details on Angy I & II, Click here.


34409700471_ea7893244e_o 34379004322_14bd558698_o

Seelie & Unseelie Located @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, Click Me for LM to FGC.

For Details on Seelie and Unseelie , Click here .

34371002672_9caaf06907_o  Undercuts located @ Collabor88 , Click me for a LM to C88.

For Details on Undercuts, Click here .


Yoshi Located @ Kustom9 ,  Click me for a LM to K9 .

For Details on Yoshi , Click here .


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