Destination London…Get Taken away with Weekend in London By Tableau Vivant @ 6th Republic!

Tableau Vivant WE in London B

Ready for a weekend getaway..or to give your home that feel? Then look no further….this Beautiful set by Tableau Vivant @ 6th republic is just the ticket.  If you want just bits and pieces to integrate into your homes current decor..or for a complete room/home make over….or even just a little getaway in a skybox you can do it all with this set. Its in Gacha form with 19 commons and 2 rares. The seating and beds include poses within them, the two Rares are a Day Skybox and a Night.   Great little decor bitlets in there that are essentials in any space..from books and a new paper,  lamps, flowers, rugs, wall decor, side tables, suitcases in the corner reminding us we love to travel and a breakfast tray…because who are we kidding we all love the food!

Ride here to get Weekend in London By Tableau Vivant  @  6Republic

Gacha Key with Details LI Details, Each Gacha Pull is 50L:

Tableau Vivant __ Week End in London - Key

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