Time to have your cake and eat it too with Teri by Tableau Vivant @ Famesheds birthday celebration round!

Tableau Vivant __ Teri hair This release is at the Large 5th Birthday Celebration round of Fameshed. Ladies prepare to be spoiled! Teri is not only beautiful and it has flowers for all the great summer months coming up, but it comes with options! Its not just an updo…you get a messy updo version, a braided version along with a messy braid! This new release from Tableau Vivant is so versatile it is a MUST have for summer and fall.

Here is a Ride to pick this lovely up currently @ Fameshed!

Teri Contains:

-Messy updo
-Braid base
-Messy braid base
-fitted braid
-Hud with 6 tint options

-The Fatpack Contains all 4 Color huds.

Teri is Available in 4 different huds with new textures to match the hair base line that is available  in the main store. While Teri is no mod, she is made up of many non rigged parts that can adjusted size wise and re-positioned. The Braid however is fitted mesh and cannot be re-positioned. For more fun, some of the add-ons in store can be mixed and matched with hair bases.

Always Remember to Try a demo  before making a purchase!

Want to see whats coming and always be in the know?  Join us on Facebook and Flickr!

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