Run the Streets with Urban Warrior by Tableau Vivant @ Signature!

Tableau Vivant __ Urban warrior

These two new releases by Tableau Vivant will have you racing through the urban jungle or anywhere else like you own it.   Lets start with that gorgeously hip post apocalyptic Urban Warrior Necklace. If you are looking for a new versatile Accessory, this is it. The Urban Warrior Hair, where could you not wear this??  No matter the genre you hang out in SL, if its creating stories in roleplay areas, wandering the cities…country side or even just the beach it is a  great new hair to add to you avatar options. Where can you get them now??? They are both Available now at Signature Event.

Lets get down to the item details!

Urban Warrior Hair:

This hair is offered in dread and faux dread lines, it is non-rigged so you can easily adjust the size with a built in resizer and also re-position to suit your look.

Dread Line Pack contains:

– 1 non-rigged mesh hair ;
– applier hairbase (Catwa, Omega applier, Signature, GA.EG);
– system hairbase (tintable and dark);
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options + colorpicker to customize your tint.

Faux dreads line pack contains:

– 2 versions non-rigged mesh hair (normal and messy);
– applier hair base (Catwa, Omega applier, Signature, GA.EG);
– system hair base (tintable and dark);
– 1 HUD with 16 tint options.

Always remember to demo and when purchasing make a copy first. Hair styles follow  the standard sizing digits but some adjustments to your head shape may be needed. Head digits that matter: Head Stretch, Head shape (square/round), Egg head, Forehead Angle and Upper Cheeks.

Urban warrior necklace:

– Non-rigged necklace in both material and non material versions.

– Hud with three presets: old leather, black leather and dirty leather.

Since the necklace is non-rigged, it can be re-positioned and adjusted with the built in re-sizer.

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