Tableau Vivant – The Arcade

Hello all!
The Arcade just opened its doors, yay!
Our contribution is 9 editorial hair styles meant to be used for pictures and, of course, editorial purposes.


It is mesh non rigged therefore can be repositioned and resized, either manually or via XYZ resizer (click to activate menu).

Rare catch instead (Breeze) is rigged and can’t be repositioned or resized.


Catches are:
48 commons
3 rares.

Common hair pack catch consists of:

– 1 non rigged hair;
– 1 HUD with 30 tints;
– system tintable hairbase (tattoo layer).

Rare catch consists of:

– 1 rigged hair;
– 2 HUDs (60 tints in total);
– system tintable hairbase (tattoo layer);
– 1 alpha layer.

Pack 1: Browns and Ombre;
Pack 2: Black & Whites and Redheads;
Pack 3: Blonds and Funky.

Hair and tattoo layers are mod, no copy, transfer.
Huds are no mod, no copy, transfer.

See you there!

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