~Tableau Vivant~ New Huds and Hair

Hello everyone!

We have very exciting news over at Tableau Vivant! A new build, several new hair styles, new pricing andddd the biggest news …. several of you ladies and gents sent us requests during the past few months requesting different colors for hair. We listened and have spent the past few months working on the new color line and updated our huds. Oh and a group gift! This notecard is going to have tons of information so get comfy and start reading.

New prices for single packs: 250l$ for hair without extra accessories or extra parts and so on, that will remain at the old price, 300l$.
Fatpacks, no change and there is an exclusive, extra hud inside.

All new releases will feature the new colors, previous hair will not be updated.

10 new color charts + 1 mixed basics hud + 1 exclusive:
Black + Whites
Dip dye
Light brunette
Tie & die
Basics (mixed)
Chemistry (fp exclusive)
Each HUD feature 30 options.
Under balayage label – basic colors. We have reproduced this kind of effect to avoid a dull coloring so, even wearing base colors, your hair will never look flat.
More info about balayage here:

Streaks, ombré and highlight are variations of the base tints of the hud with different effects.

Basics hud is a selection of base tints of different huds, to meet male customers needs or those not in love with too many colors or effects.
Tip for the guys: go for it.

Chemistry hud is an experiment. We played a lot with colors and effects and it is considered an extra.
It will be available only inside fat packs and will not be sold as single option.

Now let me show you the hair!

15432431101_3f222c2c71_b 15248927940_def987b41e_b 15248922250_699e49de25_b

Victoria and Victor HUDs feature an extra tab: options.
It will control only the back of the hair, for a trendy bi-color style.
Some combinations will work, some others will not! It’s up to you find the nice ones

And as promised – a reopening group gift!


You must join the group to pick up the gift and in joining the group if you wear the tag when you shop,  you receive store credits with each purchase!

We really hope you will be happy with the final result.

Tableau Vivant Hair

Thank you

~Tableau Vivant~

. Website: https://tableauvivantsl.wordpress.com
. Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/tableauvivant
. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TableauVivant
. FlickR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tableauvivant_sl/
. FlickR group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tableauvivant_sl/

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