Tableau Vivant is excited to take place in the first round of <After 6 Days>!

What am I talking about? How does it work? Let me tell you!

Every cycle, a group of talented brands brainstorms to decide a theme of items that are set at special promotional price NEW + EXCLUSIVE only during this 14 days!

There are TWO locations of goodies for you – yes TWO!

1. First buy an item from your favorite brand at A6D venue

2. Unpack it , WEAR your “Discount HUD” found in the folder and proceed to the brand mainstore to buy the MATCH @ promotional price at LIMITED time only.

Got it? Good! Now comes the super fun part – what Tableau Vivant has in store for you!

14744309802_1f7651060b_bThe hair is unisex, punky, sexy and ready for RP or for your favorite outfit that makes you feel like kicking a$$ and taking names!

The promotional items are 2 very special hairbases that matches the hairstyle and come in two colors – dark and tintable.


Your Starting Point!

Please wear your A6d Discount HUD before to proceed with the purchase. Once you pay the vendor you will receive 50% of the price as refund.


Tableau Vivant Main Store – 2nd stop to pick up discounted hairbases!

~Tableau Vivant~

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