Tableau Vivant ~ Summerfest 2014

Tableau Vivant is participating in the second round of Summerfest and we are thrilled to show you all we have been busy working on. Take a seat because there are quite a few new things!

Three new unisex style and one female style and you will hopefully love them all. They are perfect for summer because doesn’t love long and luxurious hair with tan skin


Summerwind has a part to the side and flows oh so sexy


 Summers has a middle part that gives you that bed head that so many find alluring.


Soleil is our other long haired beauty but with a hat and a hud like all the rest for hair colors but also for the hat. Endless options to match any outfit.

Summerfest runs through July 13th and it is so very worth trying to get in. Remember – patience is the name of the game.  Please remember to try the demos for all the products.

Thank you all for your continued and loyal support of  Tableau Vivant! We appreciate each and every single one of you.

Respectfully yours,
~Tableau Vivant ~

Your ride to the magic


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