~Tableau Vivant~ @ Cosmetic Fair

~Tableau Vivant~
Talamasca Hair

Here we are again!
We are part of Cosmetic Fair, running from Oct 15th to Oct 31st.

Unisex hair piece and finally all the hairbases are done!
Inside the pack you will find tubes with the hairbases, 14 per hud color (70 in total + 14 renamed to match the mixed Equinox hud).

Talamasca hairpiece is non rigged so you can resize it.
Since the head shapes are all different we improved the resize with a new script, you can stretch now in all XYZ directions.

Just touch the hair, no need to use the hud.

~Tableau Vivant~
Facial hair 1

We are finally starting our mesh beards collection since our system beards are so old!

Here is the first one, we hope you will find easy to fit it on your shape.

As for the hair you can resize it in all X, Y, Z directions, any of them, just touch the beard and follow the blue pop-up menu.

Both the mesh beard and the facial hair layer are tintable, just edit and pick the color from the SL color window.

The script includes:
– Pose stand with pose on/off buttons.
– Restore button will reset the beard in the original size.
– You can delete the script to reduce lag but please remember to do a copy of your hair first.

Thank you fo your time and please remember to share your gorgeous pictures in our flickr group!

Taxi to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//213/187/8

~Tableau Vivant~


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