~Tableau Vivant~Dreamscape release

~Tableau Vivant~
Dreamscape hair

We are taking part to the Body Modification Expo with a special new release!

Dreamscape Hair is a special hairstyle that can be worn in several ways.

Inside the pack you’ll find different hair pieces:
Dreamscape Hair – Horns
Dreamscape Hair – Blindfolded
Dreamscape – Locks (left and right, standalone)
Dreamscape – Locks implants (left and right, standalone)
Dreamscape – HUD
Dreamscape – Hairbase

The pieces ‘Horns’ and ‘Blindfolded’ are unrigged mesh, so they can be resized via hud.

A system hairbase layer is provided to match the Horns hair piece.

The HUD allows to make the scalp of the Horns piece invisible; this way you can wear the horns only.

You can also delete the script. It will *not* make the hair mod so please, save a copy before you remove the script!

Please note, the hair comes in this single reddish brown/black color, exclusive for BM.

Taxi to The Body Modification Expo

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Mavi Beck

Model Photographer Stylist

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