~Tableau Vivant~ is open again!

Hello dear friends, the wait is over!

We’re proud to announce the reopening of our store, and we have some exciting news!
From today ~Tableau Vivant~ is sharing the sim with – Glam Affair-!
Both stores have been rebuilt completely in the past few months, it has been a labour of love and finally today we’re happy to share our hard work with you all.

The sim was built by the incredibly talented Tiina Serrao, from and idea of Aida Ewing.

For our reopening you will find a great surprise, we have created two brand new skins and a male hairstyle!

~Tableau Vivant~ David and Lucis are so amazing that you won’t be able to take your eyes (and hands) off them!

David and Lucis both come in 10 tones, with 5 eyebrow colors for each tone and two hairbases as tattoo layer.

Grab a demo and give them a ride!

~Tableau Vivant~ David skin

~Tableau Vivant~ Lucis skin

~Tableau Vivant~ surprise you today with 5 new releases, both for girls and boys!

There’s the playful Bijoux, the classic soft Alexander and Alexandria, the long silky Grant and the curly and sexy Campbell hair. Make sure to try all the demos!

~Tableau Vivant~ Bijoux hair

~Tableau Vivant~ Alexandria hair

~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair

~Tableau Vivant~ Grant hair

~Tableau Vivant~Alexander hair

With the reopening of the Store we wanted to celebrate and thank you for your constant support, so we have a group gift out for you all.

We have placed a special look of Lucis in a box on the table as you enter the skin department.
Just remember to wear your group tag to get it.

~Tableau Vivant~ Reopening group gift

Ride to ~Tableau Vivant~!

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