~ Tableau Vivant~ Backpack & Spirithood @ The Arcade

~ Tableau Vivant~

Greetings dear friends :]

We are so glad to introduce you our last releases for the March round of the Arcade: backpacks & Spirithoods!


15 variations for the Backpack, all come with color changing hud for the straps: linen, black and brown.

~Tableau Vivant~ Backpack @ The Arcade

3 rares featuring a bunny inside and on the front of the backpack and a cute heart charm on the left side.
Also come with color changing hud for the straps but with clear colors: linen, white and pink.


24 are the variations for the Spirithood: 6 hood colors and 4 different ears (bear, bunny, cat & wolf) 5 colors menu driven. This means that you can have 6 colors for each type of ears and all the ears have 5 colors to pick using the menu. To activate the menu please touch your chin :]

~Tableau Vivant~ Spirithood @ The Arcade

The 3 rares come in different and exclusive hood colors: white, black and silver. Also the bunny folded ears have 3 special textures 😀

Please if you will feature one of the item in your blog be so kind to add your work in our flickr group and tag TableauVivant (and feel free to add us!).

Tableau Vivant @ The Arcade

Thank you and we hope you enjoy our accessories :]

~Tableau Vivant~


. Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/tableauvivant
. FlickR: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tableauvivant_sl/
. FlickR group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/tableauvivant_sl/

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